Rain ♥ Kim Tae-hee, the main character of the beautiful, Merry Christmas Day that made the tree kneel

Photo courtesy of Story J Company

Actor Kim Tae-hee appeared as the main character in the music video teaser for ‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’.

On the 7th, Story J Company released the music video teaser for ‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’ through the official SNS. ‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’ is a 2021 carol project with artists Taehee Kim and Inguk Seo.

In the teaser video released, Kim Tae-hee appeared as the main character. Kim Tae-hee aroused curiosity with a look that seemed to be deeply immersed in thought in front of the Christmas tree. Then, the tree was completed by hanging ‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’ decorations directly on the tree.

‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’ is the title of this carol. The tree finally completed by Tae-hee Kim gave off a Christmas atmosphere with cute props. Then, the carol sound, which makes you happy just by listening to the sound of a bell and a train in the background, raised expectations for the sound source to be released in the future.

Story J Company and Aer Music’s first joint project, ‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’, was planned to end the eventful 2021 and deliver a special message of hope and support. All proceeds from this project will be donated to those in need.

The music video and music video of ‘Merry Merry Christmas Day’ will be released on various online music sites at noon on the 10th.

On the other hand, Story J Company consists of Go Jun, Kwon Soo-hyun, Kim Da-som, Kim Seo-kyung, Kim Seong-cheol, Kim Jeong-hyun, Kim Tae-hee, Park Sung-hyun, Bae Yu-ram, Seo In-guk, Oh Yeon-seo, Wang Ji-hye, Yoo Seung-ho, Lee Si-eon, Lee Wan, Lim Se-joo, Ju Min-kyung, Tae Won-seok, Handa-mi It is a comprehensive entertainment company to which actors such as , Heo Jun-ho and others belong.

By Kang Min-kyung, staff reporter for Tenasia

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