Rain damage everywhere… “A lot of rain in a short time, be careful of damage”



While the heavy rain warning was lifted for most of the country and a heavy rain warning was issued only for some southern provinces and Jeju Island, rain damage occurred throughout the night.

The Korea Meteorological Administration said that the characteristic of this rain is that it rains a lot in a short time, and urged facility management and traffic safety.

Reporter Jeon Hyun-woo reports.


Muddy water is constantly pouring into the underground parking lot of the apartment building.

Fire extinguishers are floating in a lot of muddy water, and piles of mud are piled up all over the underground parking lot.

The underground parking lot was filled with muddy water due to this ‘water riot’, which started around 7pm yesterday evening.

It was raining up to 30mm per hour, and the vomit from the nearby construction site was washed down into the parking lot with a low ground.

Muddy water splashed on about 80 vehicles in the parking lot, and some residents had trouble sleeping by pumping up water until dawn.

[채석준/경기도 성남 : “저녁에 갑자기 토사가 흘러내려서 우리 주민들이 온 주민이 다 나왔습니다. 주차장에 있는 주차 차량들이 한 80여 대 정도가 토사가 흘러내려서 피해를 많이 본 거 같습니다.”]

At 6:30 pm yesterday evening, there was a commotion with rainwater pouring from the roof near Exit 1 of Kwangwoon University Station on Seoul Subway Line 1.

Citizens using the subway suffered inconvenience due to the commotion that lasted for about 30 minutes.

Korea Railroad Corporation will investigate the exact cause of the accident, considering that it was raining due to a sudden torrential rain.

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At around 10:10 last night, electricity was suddenly cut off in a residential area in Dongjak-gu, Seoul.

The power outage lasted about two hours, and about 1,000 households in this area suffered inconvenience.

KEPCO believes the power outage was caused by a tree that fell due to heavy rain and touched a nearby high-voltage line.

At around 3:50 PM yesterday, a 1.5-meter-deep earth swamp occurred on a sidewalk in Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul.

As a result, three high school students walking on the sidewalk suffered abrasions and were taken to the hospital.

The fire department will determine the exact cause.

In downtown Seoul, where it rained more than 120mm in one day, the sewage backflow caused inconvenience to the citizens.

Heavy rain of 30mm or more is predicted per hour in the southern region until morning and in Jeju Island until daytime.

The Korea Meteorological Administration urged facility management and traffic safety, saying that there are many places where a lot of rain is concentrated in a short time.

This is Jeon Hyun-woo from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Jo Eun-kyung, Choi Seok-gyu / Video provided by: Viewers Kim Do-ran, Jeon Seung-eun / Video editing: Lee Sang-mi

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