Rain, ‘false facts’ on the claim of ‘stingy’… Notice of tough response

Actor Jung Ji-hoon


(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Kim Jeong-jin = Singer and actor Rain (Jung Ji-hoon)’s side announced that they would take legal action against the allegations made mainly on YouTube, saying it was a “false fact.”

Sublime Artist Agency, the management company, issued a position on the 14th and said, “We are aware that videos made based on false facts about rain are being distributed indiscriminately. I will,” he said.

“There will be absolutely no consultation or leniency on the results of all legal measures, including civil and criminal,” he said.

In April, on a YouTube channel, a claim was raised that he was stingy in spending money saying, ‘Even though Rain is an asset of 80 billion won, he doesn’t buy food from his juniors.’

When this video drew attention, another YouTuber with 350,000 subscribers mentioned in a video on the 13th, “As a result of asking multiple officials,[Rain]had such a reputation.”

Rain is currently appearing in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Ghost Doctor’.


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