Rain hits Chiang Mai The wall of the White Elephant Gate collapsed, severely damaged.

Rain hits Chiang Mai The wall of the White Elephant Gate collapsed, severely damaged.

On September 25, reporters reported that heavy rain in Chiang Mai province continued for more than 3-4 hours from 4:30 am, causing flooding in various areas. and from the continuous rain for several consecutive days to make the soil white elephant door wall Unable to hold water falling to a far road creating panic among people and those who saw it a lot Office of Fine Arts Office 7 Chiang Mai facilitate the damage survey to make improvements and continue repairs

anyway Acting Lieutenant, Rainbow, Green The Director of Hydrology Division 1, Chiang Mai made a report on the relevant agencies warning of rainfall that Caused heavy rain in Ban Doi Pui, Suthep Sub-District, Mueang Chiang Mai District, from 07.25 AM. Rain accumulated continuously for 12 hour, measuring 84 millimeters. This can lead to flooding in the Chiang Mai city basin. Please prepare to cope.

Anyway North Meteorological Center The highest rainfall recorded was reported to have been measured at 106 millimetres. Samoeng Tai Sub-District Municipality reported that the soil is sliding off Highway No. 1096 on the Mae Rim – Samoeng District route. At kilometer 24-25, Ban Dong Chang Kaew, Village No. 10, Samoeng Tai Subdistrict, Samoeng District, with earth slides from the mountain side of the road, slides down to close the path. making it impossible to travel Fortunately, no one was injured. or died

now Samoeng Tai Subdistrict Municipality Together with the relevant agencies speeding up the use of machinery to open the route in question. Therefore, people who want to travel should choose the bypass road from Mae Rim District to Samoeng District in 2 routes, namely Rural Road 4051 – Samoeng Nuea Sub-District. and enter the route Highway 1269 – Samoeng Tai Subdistrict

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