Rain-Kim Ha Neul has been confirmed as the lead in Red Swan, a new Disney+ revenge romance drama directed by A Korean Odyssey.

This is another good news that fans of the series are looking forward to after the 2 lead actors are very talented. Rain a Kim Haneul Get ready to work together as the leader in the new revenge series. Red Swan Premiering on Disney+

Red Swan It is a romantic action series. tell a story Wansu A young woman who dreams of a perfect aristocratic life. while he was married to a daughter-in-law in Hua In Tan’s family one day he discovered some of Hua In’s secrets. Along with a meeting with bodyguards Do Yoon Life has changed irreversibly.

In this series Rain take the role This is Do Yoon A young man who graduated from the police academy and studied different martial arts. He had applied to Hua In Group’s security team and was assigned to protective duty. Wansu

a Kim Haneul take the role Owansu A renowned professional golfer who became president of the organization after marrying the Hua In Group heir, she is now famous through her family’s charitable activities.

kim ha neul

However, even the details of the series Red Swan it won’t be revealed much But it has gotten a lot of attention and is worth watching. Guaranteed quality with the skill of directing Hong Kyun Park The owner of the famous series A Korean Odyssey He has also joined with Screenwriter Choi Yoon Jung Owner of the pen series Second to Last Love

Fans come to win and follow the progress of the series. Red Swan Let’s go together!

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