Raina that day; Chopra says Jadeja may not play for Chennai again

Mumbai: Former India captain and all-rounder Ravindra Jadeja, who was ruled out of the IPL due to injury, will not play for the Chennai Super Kings next year, according to former Indian cricketer and commentator Aakash Chopra. Chopra said that many of the line-up stories in the Chennai dressing room are not leaked and it should be remembered that Suresh Raina faced a similar situation last season. Chopra’s response came through his YouTube channel.

‘If a player is dropped from the Chennai team, it is not clear whether he was injured or dropped from the team. The same thing happened to Suresh Raina in the last scene. “I remember they dropped Raina soon after the first few games of the season,” Chopra said.

Jadeja, one of the key players of the Chennai Super Kings for the last 10 years, has put out a stellar performance this season. Following the team’s consecutive defeats, Chennai captain Jadeja was replaced and Dhoni was reinstated as captain. Jadeja scored just 116 runs and took five wickets in 10 matches. Jadeja, who injured his ribs while fielding in the match against Bangalore, did not play again.

Chennai Super Kings CEO Jadeja has ruled himself out of action due to injury. This was announced by Kashi Viswanathan last day. Meanwhile, Jadeja had unfollowed Chennai’s official Instagram page after leaving the team. Following this, rumors circulated on social media that Jadeja had returned from the game due to some problems within the team.

Content Highlights: Maybe he won’t even be there next year-Aakash Chopra questions Chennai’s handling of Ravindra Jadeja