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The other day, a new crisis event “After Effect” was announced in the R6 co-op spin-off series “Rainbow Six Extraction”, but today Ubisoft presents a new enemy “Protean Finka” and REACT Tech “Reaction Harness” We announced the opening of “After Effect” and released a gameplay trailer of “After Effect” that depicts the invasion of new threats.

In addition, a new trailer has been released that presents the battles and gameplay highlights of the unknown singularity “Nuclei”.

“Extract Rainbow Six” “After Effect” crisis event now available!

Ubisoft Co., Ltd. announces that the fourth crisis event “After Effect” has begun distribution in “Rainbow Six Extraction”. The Emergency event will be playable until November 17th. After the three crisis events so far, this event, which will reach a thrilling climax, will introduce additional content and new enemies. In addition to all-new REACT technology and cosmetic rewards, the ultimate challenge awaits as you solve myriad mysteries while surviving the dangerous Amber Invasion plaguing the Confined Zone.

In After Effect, operatives must seek out valuable Parasite Nuclei, possess them to harness their power, and protect their wielders from threats like the Amber Sprawl. The Nuclei Death Marker is a powerful ability that the bearer can use against enemies and parasites. Marked with a death marker, any damage done by a squad member can instantly wipe out an enemy, so strategic use of this powerful ability can turn the tide of battle.

Operators who possess the Nuclei will have a negative effect on their sight, and will gradually lose their sight. The level of exposure will continue to increase until the owner of the Nuclei gives up the Nuclei or until the level of exposure reaches 100%. Also, while carrying the Nukes, your speed and mobility are greatly reduced, so you won’t be able to defend against dangerous enemies without using the new Tech Tech REACT Harness, which is exclusive to the owner. Enemies will target Nuclei holders first, so squad members must work together to protect the holder. Players will take turns possessing Nuclei, and work together to secure an escape route from the siege zone.

The new Amber Sprawl, like a regular sprawl, is present throughout the submap, slowing and damaging players who walk on it. This dangerous and deadly Amber infestation should be removed if it does not interfere with your gameplay.

In “After Effects”, the following new content will appear.

  • New Enemy: Protean Finka
  • REACT’s new “Reaction Harness” technique
  • New headgear, outfits, charms and weapon skins
  • 5 Emergency Surveys
  • 5 theme charms available
  • Extra XP for milestone progress

“After Effect” is the latest content of “Rainbow Six Extraction”. Rainbow Six Extraction is available on Game Pass, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, and Ubisoft+.

“Rainbow Six Extraction” Limited Time Emergency Event “After Impact” CGI Trailer


“Six Rainbow Extraction” Product Overview.

  • Publication date: 20 January, 2022
  • price:
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    • Deluxe edition 7,920 yen (tax included) * Sold in digital version only
  • Platforms: Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / PlayStation®5 / PlayStation®4 / PC
  • Genre: Cooperative tactical first person shooter
  • Number of players: 1-3 online
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About “Six Rainbow Extraction”

Developed by Ubisoft Montreal, Rainbow Six Extraction is a first-person shooter with up to 3-player co-op. Operators from the Rainbow Six series come together to infiltrate a tense and chaotic lockdown area to take on the unknown threat of Archien. Take on your opponents using intelligence, cooperation and strategy.

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