“Rainbow Six Siege” Asian rookie competition “NO PLAN NO GAME” will be held from December 5th!Streamers SHAKA and Jasper will participate as representatives of Japan.

Streamers SHAKA, Jasper, Suga Monkey, and ta1yo will participate in this tournament as representatives of Japan along with Okayama, the official caster of “Rainbow Six Siege.”

Also, from 20:00 on December 3rd, the training will be broadcast prior to the tournament. The state of this practice distribution is scheduled to be distributed on each streamer’s personal channel.

In addition, the distribution of this tournament has also been decided, and in commemoration of this, a campaign to win the PC version “Rainbow Six Siege” and a campaign to win the Chibi figure will be held on the official Twitter, so those who are interested are welcome. Let’s check it out.



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