Rainbow Six Siege: New Season ‘Operation Solar Raid’ Announced! Sneak peek at the new Colombian operator

“Rainbow Six Siege” Ubisoft will release all information on Year 7 Season 4 on November 21st. Before that, on the 12th, it was announced that the title of the season would be Operation Solar Raid.

The new season is “Operation Solar Raid”

In the new teaser for Year 7 Season 4 (Y7S4), the identity of the new map released last time is “Nighthaven Laboratories(Nighthaven Laboratories)”.

As the name suggests, this is a private military company that clashes with the Rainbow Unit on the story.night havenIt is one of the bases, and it is also a place that has appeared in the trailer. In Y7S4, the Nighthaven facility will finally appear as a battle map.

night haven lab
New map “Nighthaven Labs”

The main building appears to be an L-shaped two-story structure, which may resemble a “mountain villa” or “outback.” There are some barricades that look like entrances and exits, but from the angle of the image, I am concerned that the external windows on the wall cannot be seen. What does the other side look like?

A glimpse of the new operator

new operator
Are you a new operator?

In the video,New operator for Y7S4A person who seems to be reflected a little. The new operator on the road map isColumbiaIt has already been announced where it comes from and it matches the flag on her shoulder.

In contrast to the previous Operators, all of which had impressive designs at first glance, the new Operator has almost no decorations, like a nameless mob soldier.impersonal appearancedo. He may be deliberately trying not to show his personality, but what kind of background does he have?

Main weapon is Doc and Rook SMG ・p90It looks like The damage is a little low at 22, but the rate of fire is high at 970, and the magazine capacity is 50 + 1 round, making it an excellent weapon.

As for the unique gadget you are interested in, you can see something similar on the left leg, but the details are unknown at this time.

Full release on November 21st

Full information about Y7S4 “Operation Solar Raid”November 21st local timeIt will be hosted on Ubisoft’s YouTube channel (the Japanese version is currently unknown).

Year 7 has seen a drastic change in the environment due to the appearance of Azami and the “Reselect Attack Operator” rule. Stay tuned for future announcements, including more details about the new operator.

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  • Date of publication: 10 December 2015
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