Raising Awareness of Lymphoma: Lymphoma Society of Thailand Takes Action to Increase Patient Recovery Rates

Lymphoma Society of Thailand Raises Awareness of the Increasing Prevalence of Lymphoma

The Lymphoma Society of Thailand is launching a campaign to raise awareness about lymphoma, a particularly severe form of hematological cancer. With a rising number of cases in Thailand, affecting individuals of all ages and genders, lymphoma is now one of the top ten most common cancers in the country, affecting approximately 7,000 people each year. The exact cause of this increase remains unknown.

Combatting Lymphoma: The Path to Recovery

Recognizing the urgent need for increased awareness, the National Lymphoma Society is hosting its ninth annual seminar, titled “Miracle Turns Cancer into Happiness: Raising Awareness of Lymphoma,” on September 15th, also known as World Lymphoma Day. The event aims to share stories of successful battles against the disease and provide encouragement to those currently fighting. The seminar will take place on Sunday, September 10, 2023, from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm at the Central World’s Eden Zone, and admission is free.

Professor Dr. Thanin Intarakamthornchai, the President of the Lymphoma Society of Thailand and a leading expert in internal medicine at Chulalongkorn University, highlights that lymphoma is a widespread disease worldwide, affecting over 600,000 patients. In Thailand, there has been a significant increase in the number of new cases, with 7,000 cases detected each year. Lymphoma is a malignant cancer that arises in the lymph nodes throughout the body, including the armpits, neck, groin, chest, and abdomen, as well as in various other organs.

While the exact causes of lymphoma remain unidentified, various factors and risk elements have been identified. These include viral infections such as HIV, HCV, and EBV, bacterial infections causing chronic gastritis, low immunity due to certain medications, exposure to carcinogens like pesticides, among others. Preventive measures include self-observation, regular health check-ups, prompt treatment if symptoms arise, avoiding direct contact with harmful chemicals, and maintaining overall well-being.

Despite the challenges posed by lymphoma, the disease can be effectively treated, even in advanced stages. Currently, there are four primary treatment methods: chemotherapy, monoclonal antibody therapy (used alone or in combination with chemotherapy), radiotherapy for specific localized cancers, and stem cell transplantation for relapsing cases. Ongoing research in Thailand is also exploring the potential of immunosuppressive therapy and CAR-T Cell Cancer Therapy.

Prof. Dr. Thanin emphasized that although lymphoma cases are escalating annually, the disease responds well to treatment and, in many cases, patients can achieve a complete cure. To emphasize the importance of lymphoma, September 15th is observed as “World Lymphoma Day” globally. As part of the awareness initiative, the “Lymphoma Club of Thailand” is organizing a series of engaging activities during the upcoming discussion on Sunday, September 10, 2023, at Central World’s Eden Zone. The event will feature a lecture on innovative lymphoma treatments, Q&A sessions with experts, inspiring personal stories shared by former patients, and special appearances by renowned figures. Attendees can also get involved in unique activities and purchase a limited-edition MIRACLE Bucket hat, with all proceeds supporting the Lymphoma Society of Thailand.

For lymphoma patients, caregivers, and the general public interested in attending the event, registration is now open and free of charge. To secure your spot, visit the event registration page or contact the Lymphoma Society of Thailand through Line ID: @ThaiLymphoma. Stay connected and informed about lymphoma by following their official accounts on TikTok: @Thai.Lymphoma.

Lymphoma Society Aware of the increase in lymphoma patients contribute to promoting awareness Increase the patient’s chances of recovery

Lymphoma Society of Thailand Join the campaign to raise awareness of “Lymphoma”, which is considered one of the most serious diseases among the hematological malignancies. In Thailand, there are more and more patients every year, they can be seen in all ages, about 7000 people per year 1, cancer is 1 in 10 common cancers of Thai people. More likely to be in males than females. And at the moment, it is seen among young people of working age, and it can be seen that the number of patients has tended to increase during the last 5 years. and still cannot clearly identify the cause

with awareness of this violent cause National Lymphoma Society Therefore, the ninth seminar “Miracle Turns Cancer into Happiness: A Miracle is around – Raising Awareness of Lymphoma” was held on the occasion of “World Lymphoma Day” which falls on September 15 each year. Including the transfer of encouragement through activities to share experiences of fighting the disease until it is cured by former patients. This year, the club has organized an event on Sunday, September 10, 2023, between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm on the 3rd floor, Eden Zone, Central World. is free of charge

Professor Dr. Thanin Intarakamthornchai, Department of Internal Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University President of the Lymphoma Society of Thailand said that lymphoma is a disease that can be detected in all genders and ages, with more than 600,000 patients worldwide detected.2 In Country Thailand, the number of new cases of the disease has been detected as high as 7,000 ■ There is an increasing morbidity rate of cases every year. It is considered a major serious disease among hematological malignancies. It is a cancer that occurs in lymph nodes anywhere in the body. From the armpits, the neck, the groin, the trunk, and in the chest, the abdomen, lymph nodes are also present in every organ in the body. It can cause lymphoma at all

Although there are causes or risk factors that can lead to lymphoma. They still cannot be clearly identified, but most of the risk factors and causes of lymphoma are. It can be caused by viral infections such as HIV virus (HIV), HCV virus (HCV), EBV virus (EBV), bacterial infection. That causes chronic gastritis, low immunity from receiving drugs, chemicals that contain carcinogens such as pesticides, so prevent lymphoma It can be done by observing yourself. Annual health check If you get sick, get treatment quickly. Avoid direct contact with chemicals. and always maintain a healthy body

However, this disease can be cured. Even in the late stages of the disease Currently, there are 4 methods of treating lymphoma: 1. Using chemotherapy 2. Using drugs in the monoclonal antibody group (monoclonal antibody) alone or in combination with Chemotherapy Currently, new groups of drugs have been invented to increase the efficiency of treatment even more. 3. Radiotherapy for some types of lymphoma or localized cancer 4. Stem cell (stem cell) transplantation in patients who relapse 5. Immunosuppressive therapy CAR-T Cell Cancer Therapy (Chimeric Antigen Receptor T Cell Therapy). Thailand is in the process of studying and researching.

Prof Dr Thanin added that Lymphoma is now considered the most common cancer. increasing every year However, it is a disease that responds well to treatment. and have a chance to be completely cured make the world a priority and is very alert to lymphoma Therefore, September 15 of each year corresponds to “World Lymphoma Day”. This year, the “Lymphoma Club of Thailand” organizes a discussion “Miracle, change cancer to be happy: Miracle is around – Raising Awareness of Lymphoma” The 9th time on Sunday, September 10, 2023, between 12:00 noon and 4:00 pm on the 3rd floor, Eden Zone, Central World. Within the event, there are many interesting activities such as

– A lecture by a specialist hematologist on the subject of “Innovation for Lymphoma Treatment”
– Q&A Answer questions about an innovative treatment for lymphoma with a specialist doctor
-Share your experience of fighting lymphoma. Power up with Ms Lookmoo, MD Nattarada Kachanan, former patient with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Stage 4, owner of the “Pak Kon” page, and Ms Tai Titayaporn Kongkathip, former patient. Hodkin’s Lymphoma Stage 4 Owner of the page “Come tell me about Cancer WITH ME”
-Experience endless inspiration during the “By Your Side: With Us.. By Your Side”
-Surprise!! With all my heart!! Go with Kao – Noppakao Dechapattanakhun which will bring full encouragement along with special Fansign activity.
– Very special!! MIRACLE Bucket hat designed by Kao Noppakao Dechapattanakun, price 359 baht, all rights reserved. Within the event on Sunday, September 10, only 150 tickets!! (All proceeds go to the Lymphoma Society of Thailand)

Lymphoma patients, carers and the public You can register to attend the event…for free!! free of charge To register for the event, click here For more information, contact Line ID : @ThaiLymphoma You can follow or ask for more information about lymphoma in or TikTok : @Thai.Lymphoma.

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