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Rakuten lowest price REX Mirumirukun 3 pressure tester 441340 1 unit 387-0336[Nid yw arian parod ar gyflawni yn bosibl]Manufacturer’s name: Rex Industry Co., Ltd.
Plus name: REX
Product name: REX Mirumirukun 3 pressure tester
Model: 441340
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 108,000 yen
Orange Book: Year Page
Order code: 3870336
JAN Code: 4514706105014
Features: ● Automatic measurement by sensor, weight variation value clearly visible. ● Ambient temperature can be measured simultaneously during a test measurement, and the data can be graphed and recorded. ● Up to 30 days of continuous recording and 0.1 second cycle recording is possible, which is very useful for surveying the current situation. ●It is possible to work with an iPhone or iPad using a dedicated data collection app. (Data collection, graph confirmation, etc.) ●By using the data collection app, you can use the camera function of your iPhone or iPad. ●Because data can be sent by email, it is possible to create reports quickly, and a further improvement in efficiency can be expected. ● Required for TKR12P refrigerant piping airtightness test. ● Water pressure, pneumatic pressure, as well as refrigerant piping airtightness tests are supported.
Applications: ● For automatic measurement tests using sensors. ● For pressure test.

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