“Rama 2 U-turn bridge collapses”, the car is busy, revealing that there used to be a fire on the bridge. Oil truck explosion

from the case “Rama 2 U-turn bridge collapses” U-turn bridge in front of Vibharam Hospital Km. 34, Bang Krachao Subdistrict, Mueang District, ProvinceSamut Sakhon which is in the process of being closed for maintenance There was a collapse on the car on Rama 2 Road, the expressway (inbound), Bangkok, causingSeveral cars were damaged. In addition, there were injuries anddied 2 cases, the incident occurred in the area of Muang Samut Sakhon Police Station As already reported in the news

In the early morning (Aug. 1), police officers conductedClosing traffic on expressways to demolish the ruins of the bridge causing all types of vehicles to use parallel lanes only resulting intraffic jam very much

In addition, at the scene of the accident, officials from the Department of Highways A red rope was brought to block it. to show that it is a danger zone Do not allow anyone to enter the vicinity whileRama 2 road traffic It appears that this morning the expressway is still closed on the inbound side of Bangkok. cause trafficjam During the parallel detour about 1 kilometer before the accident point

As for the outbound traffic, it is smooth because there isopen to all channels and in the late hours of today It was initially reported that will have an officer and experts of the Department of Highways Come to inspect the scene at the same time There will be a discussion with Mr. Narong. Governor of Samut Sakhon Province

Advise to avoid the route Rama 2 Road inbound to Bangkok.

Latest on the morning of August 1, 2022 after the incidentU-turn bridge collapsescame down to the car until 2 people were killed and 2 others were injured by the police this morning Has closed the traffic in the expressway. to demolish the ruins of the bridge causing all types of vehicles to use parallel lanes only As a result, the traffic is very congested.

In addition, the official also informed the public relations that road users should avoid the path where accidents occur which can be shortcut to Ban Phaeo Road, Samut Sakhon Province to penetrate to the province.Nakhon Pathom and can travel through to Bangkok

U-turn bridge collapsed while maintenance, 2 dead this morning, expressway traffic lane closed Open to run only in parallel

At 8:30 p.m. on July 31, 2022 at the Muang Samut Sakhon Provincial Police Station radio center Received a notice of a U-turn bridge in front of Vibharam Hospital, Km. 34, Bang Krachao Subdistrict, Mueang District, Samut Sakhon Province, which is in the process of being closed for maintenance. has collapsed on top of the cars traveling onRama 2 Road Expressway (inbound) Bangkok causing many cars to be damaged. There were also injuries. And one person died at the scene. After being notified, he hurriedly reported to Pol. Col. Yonglit Supaphon, director of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police Department. acting The Superintendent of the Muang Samut Sakhon Police Station has been informed and coordinated Lt. Col. Panupong Phayabut, Inspector General Muang Samut Sakhon Police Station to inspect the scene

where the accident occurredunder the bridge (horseshoe) Make a U-turn, find a sedan car, Chevrolet brand, registration no. 6271, Bangkok. was hit by a cement sheet over 10 meters in length, weighing about 5 tons, fell on top of the car until the car was torn apart. causing the person sitting on the left side to die trapped inside (Name unknown) The driver of the sedan was injured. There is also a pickup truck. Isuzu D-Max brand, registration no. 3, 5940, Bangkok. The front of the car was covered with plaster. Fortunately, the driver and the occupants were all in safe vehicles. There are also workers working on repairs on the U-Turn Bridge. which fell with plaster Two more were seriously injured, butLater died at Samut Sakhon Hospital, 1 person, at the same time, another car was damaged. It is a diesel truck that has already filled the oil for customers. However, from the incident It creates a shock to the road users very much. It also resulted in traffic congestion for many kilometers. As for the sedan car that has been overlaid with plaster After nearly an hour of using a cutting tool to remove the dead body from the wreckage. Must coordinate the crane to lift the plaster sheet.

From asking Ms. Thipanan, 30, a native of Samut Sakhon, who was sitting in a pick-up truck that had been dropped by a sheet of cement on top of the car, said: At that time, he, along with his family of five adults and children, was driving home after selling toys at Chulamanee Temple. Samut Songkhram Province All the way back, it was raining continuously. And the car drove slowly, slowing down until it suddenly arrived at the scene. There was a sheet of cement falling down onto the sedan and their car. Fortunately, the car was right in front of the car. And all the people in the car are safe. which this incident terrified everyone in the car very much never expected to encounter such an event

On the side of Mr. Suwan, 60 years old, former director of the school from Chanthaburi provinceDriving behind him, he told the story of the thrilling minute that I drove myself back to the National Youth Games in Phatthalung Province. All 5 people came together, which they must be called near-death because they were only slightly away from the car at the scene. by the incident of self and others went down to help bring the driver of the sedan out The person sitting next to the deceased cannot be taken out.

While the oil truck driver said that he was driving along Rama 2 Road, there was nothing unusual during the passage under the U-turn bridge. I saw only people working to repair the bridge at the top. But after a little back, it felt like the back of the car was hit by something so hard that it shook the whole car. also heard a loud bang So he parked the car and turned around and saw that the car that drove behind him was crushed by a sheet of cement.

The reporter also reported that after the incident Mr. Narong Rakroi, Governor of Samut Sakhon Province along with Mr. Surasak Pholyangsong, Deputy Governor of Samut Sakhon Province and related persons have visited the area to follow up on the incident along with ordering those involved to expedite the cause and report further As for all the injured will continue to visit

For the U-Turn Bridge on Rama 2 Rd. Km. 34 in front of Vibharam Hospital, this has been closed for maintenance since June 23, 2022 due to the need to close for maintenance because this U-turn bridge has been used for a long time. And there used to be a fire on the bridge due to an explosion of a tanker. There is also a large number of large trucks using the U-turn bridge. causing the upper structure (bridge floor) to be damaged until the rebar appears The Department of Highways By the Bridge Construction and Restoration Center 3 (Pathum Thani) has come to repair and restore the damaged bridge structure. to be able to use normally To facilitate the safety of the users of the route It is scheduled to be completed by August 31, 2022.

latest this morning After the accident, the U-turn bridge collapsed onto the car. It resulted in the deaths of two and another number of injuries. In the morning, officials closed the expressway traffic. causing all types of vehicles to use parallel lanes only As a result, the traffic is very congested.

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