Ramiro Gonzalez, ‘Don’t Kill, I Have a Kidney to Donate’; Texas death row inmate Ramiro Gonzalez pleads for kidney donation

AUSTIN: According to the government’s timeline, 39-year-old Ramiro Gonzalez has only two weeks to live. Ramiro is awaiting execution in a Texas prison in the US. Ramiro will be executed by lethal injection on July 13. Ramiro doesn’t expect to live much longer, but he has come before the court with a need. He has to donate one of his kidneys.

Ramiro’s lawyers have asked Texas Governor Greg Abbott to delay his execution for at least a month so that one of his kidneys can be donated to someone. Lawyers have also applied to the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles for a six-month parole for kidney donation.

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Finding a donor to donate a kidney to critically ill patients is relatively easy. Ramiro Gonzalez’s rare blood type prompts advocates to consider possible kidney donation Lawyers also stated that Ramiro was found to be an excellent organ donor by the organ transplant department at the University of Texas.

Lawyers say all that remains is surgery to collect a kidney from Ramiro’s body. The lawyers stated in their letter to the governor that only one month would be enough for this. In this case, the death sentence should be postponed for at least one month. Apart from the lawyers, a letter from Cantor Michael Suzma, a Jewish priest related to Ramiro, has also been presented to the governor.

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In a letter to the governor, Sussman stated that he never considered Ramiro’s request to donate a kidney to be a last-minute delay in execution, and that he saw it as a good deed he was doing to join God after death.

In 2001, the court sentenced Ramiro Gonzalez to death in the case of murdering a teenage girl. Texas law allows inmates to donate organs. But the authorities rejected Ramiro’s request last year. The criminal justice department did not explain the reason for this, but lawyers believe that the request was rejected because the death penalty had to be carried out immediately.

Apart from the request for a stay of execution, Ramiro’s lawyers have also requested that his spiritual advisor be allowed to touch his hand and heart during the execution. The court will consider the matter on Tuesday.

Ramiro committed the crime that led to the death penalty when he was 18 years old. The case is that Ramiro shot and killed her friend Bridget Townsend. Even the remains of their dead bodies were found after two years.


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