Rampant Ticket Scalping for Lim Young-Woong’s Seoul Concert Sparks Controversy

Lim Young-woong’s Seoul Concert Sells Out in One Minute, Facing Ticket Scalping Issue

October 15, 2023

In a remarkable display of popularity, all the tickets for singer Lim Young-woong’s Seoul concert were sold out within a mere minute of bookings opening. However, this success has also brought about the unfortunate problem of rampant ticket scalping through online second-hand trading platforms.

Lim Young-woong’s agency, ‘Fish Music’, has taken a firm stance against these illegal ticket sales. The agency has announced its intention to cancel any unauthorized transactions and those made using macro programs as soon as they are detected.

The 6th Seoul performance of Lim Young-woong’s highly anticipated ‘IM HERO’ National Tour Concert, held at ‘Interpark Ticket’ on the previous day at 8 pm, witnessed a record-breaking surge in demand. Approximately 3.7 million visitors flooded the Interpark ticketing website, surpassing all previous traffic records.

The concert, which will be held six times from October 27-29 and November 3-5, will take place at the ‘Case for Dome’ in Seoul Olympic Park, a massive venue capable of accommodating 15,000 concert-goers. It is estimated that a staggering 90,000 people will attend these performances.

Regrettably, along with the swift sell-out of tickets, ticket scalpers have taken advantage of the situation by reselling seats on online trading platforms for exorbitant prices. These inflated prices aim to exploit the demand and profit from the desperation of hundreds of thousands of dedicated fans.

For instance, on the day of the concert, one scalper advertised a VIP seat for a whopping 940,000 won – six times its original price. Another scalper offered two VIP seats for a staggering 1.75 million won. To put this into perspective, the official ticket prices set by Lim Young-woong’s management are 165,000 won for VIP seats, 154,000 won for SR seats, 143,000 won for R seats, and 121,000 won for S seats.

Enforcing Strict Measures

To combat this ticket scalping issue, Fish Music has issued a notice mandating the cancellation of any illegal orders and transactions related to Lim Young-woong’s concert tickets. The agency is closely monitoring all suspected cases of illicit reservations made during the initial booking process.

In addition, Fish Music has proactively reached out to domestic second-hand trading platform companies, urging their cooperation in halting any further transactions involving Lim Young-woong’s concert tickets. The agency’s commitment to curbing this issue extends to a willingness to monitor and cancel any illegal transactions reported by supporters through designated reporting channels.

Lim Young-woong’s agency, Fish Music, aims to uphold fairness in ticket sales and protect the interests of genuine fans who were unable to secure tickets before they were swiftly sold out. Through these measures, Fish Music hopes to send a strong message against ticket scalping and ensure that future concerts are devoid of such illicit practices.

— Bae Hyeon-jeong, The Hankyoreh

Lim Young-woong’s Seoul concert held six times from October to November
All tickets sold out within 1 minute of booking… Polarity scam

Although seats for singer Lim Young-woong’s Seoul concert sold out in just a minute after bookings began, ticket sales through online second-hand trading platforms are rampant. Lim Young-woong’s agency announced that it will enforce the cancellation of illegal ticket sales and ticket sales using the macro program (a program that automates repetitive tasks) as soon as it is found. According to Hankyoreh broadcasts on the 15th, the 6th Seoul performance of Lim Young-woong’s 2023 ‘IM HERO’ National Tour Concert held at ‘Interpark Ticket’ at 8 pm the previous day was sold out in just. one minute. Approximately 3.7 million traffic was collected, recording a record traffic for Interpark tickets. This Seoul concert will be held six times (October 27-29 and November 3-5) in ‘Case for Dome’ Seoul Olympic Park (former gymnastics stadium), a large concert hall that can hold 15,000 audiences and 90,000 people are expected to watch. The problem is that as soon as all the seats have been sold through ‘picketing’ (tickets so dense that blood boils), ticket scalding is rampant, selling tickets on second-hand trading platforms on- line with the aim of ensuring that hundreds of thousands of people have been won. profit. When I looked at the trading platform used that day, I saw a post selling one VIP seat for 940,000 won, six times the original price. There is also a scalper offering to sell two VIP seats for 1.75 million won. The official ticket price of Lim Young-woong’s concert is 165,000 won for VIP seats, 154,000 won for SR seats, 143,000 won for R seats, and 121,000 won for S seats.

Notice of mandatory cancellation for illegal orders and transactions of Lim Young-woong concert tickets. Grab an Interpark ticket

Lim Young-woong’s agency, ‘Fish Music’, takes a strong stance. Fish Music said on this day, “The booking office is monitoring all cases of suspected illegal reservations among the total bookings made yesterday (14th), and will be forced to cancel soon. “We have also sent official letters to domestic second-hand trading platform companies to cooperate in stopping Lim Young-woong’s concert ticket transactions,” he said. He added, “We plan to continue to monitor and cancel the number of illegal transactions that supporters voluntarily report through illegal reporting emails.” Reporter Bae Hyeon-jeong
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