Rana Sanaullah’s threats to Imran Khan, America’s response came out

Washington: The United States, responding to threats to kill PTI Chairman Imran Khan by Federal Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah, said that violence, harassment or intimidation should not interfere in politics.

According to the details, according to the details, during the press briefing of Vedant Patel, the Deputy Spokesperson of the US State Department, the representative of ARY News asked what he would say about Ranathanaullah’s threats to kill Imran Khan. On which spokesperson Vedant Patel said that I cannot comment on Ranasthanaullah’s threat to Imran Khan.

A US State Department deputy spokesperson said violence, harassment or intimidation should not be used in politics, encouraging political parties to respect the law.

He said that they want the supremacy of law in Pakistan, the people should have the freedom to choose their leader in a democratic and constitutional manner.

On the other hand, while responding to the question regarding the disqualification of Rahul Gandhi by the Modi government, the American spokesperson said that the rule of law and respect for the courts are important for democracy, and they are closely watching the case of Rahul Gandhi.

It should be remembered that Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah had said in an interview that Imran Khan has taken matters to the level he has taken, now he will be left out of politics or we will.

Rana Sanaullah said that when we understand that our existence is being negated, we will go to any extent, then it is not thought that it is democratic, it is undemocratic, it is principled, it is unprincipled.

He had further said that the politics of the country and the country have been entangled, that now only one of the two will remain in existence, anarchy is spreading, those who are with Imran Khan consider us as their enemy.



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