Rangnick “Man Utd is a big club. There is no problem entering the Big 4. I’m looking forward to it”

▲ Manchester United firefighter Ralph Rangnick

▲ Expressing expectations for the club at the first press conference after taking office

▲ Rangnick told Man United that “The biggest club I’ve ever been in. And a big club in the world. A great challenge is expected.”

[골닷컴] Reporter Park Moon-soo = Manchester United (hereafter referred to as Manchester United) under Ralph Langnick takes off the veil.

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It’s a new beginning. Rangnick appeared in his first press conference after taking over as Manchester United manager. On the 3rd local time, Rangnick expressed his anticipation for the Manchester United life through an official press conference held before the game against Crystal Palace.

According to this media ( Global Edition, Rangnick said about his life at Manchester United, “Clearly (Man United) is probably the biggest club I’ve ever managed.”

He added: “Man United are one of the best big clubs in the world. It will be a great challenge. And I am excited to work with the players at United.”

As Rangnick said, Manchester United are a world-class big club. Despite the recent slowdown, they have stood tall as the best team in the Premier League under Ferguson’s management. After Ferguson’s retirement, he continued to invest, but he couldn’t find the right person. Starting with Moyes, Van Gaal, Mourinho and Solskjaer took the baton, but all failed.

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Rangnick is also under a lot of pressure. Although it is called the godfather of German football, Manchester United is a club that needs to make something right now. This summer alone, it has recruited two world-class players: Ronaldo and Baran. However, the result of the return was the sacking of Solskjaer as a result of poor performance.

“It’s a big challenge, but I’ve worked with other top players as well,” said Rangnick. “It was a similar situation with Schalke. I’m really happy to work with them.”

Regarding the possibility of entering the Top 4, he said, “(Man United) is a good player base to compete in the top four. If you look at the top three teams, they are stable. And they have the best managers. Maybe they are the best managers in the world. But how do they solve the game? “If you look at how we go and how we control the game, there will be some areas we need to improve.”

In the process, he said, “When Klopp came to Liverpool, the player class he received at the time was obviously not as good as the player class I got here at Manchester United.”

Rangnick’s first opponent, who took over Manchester United with the issuance of a work permit, is Palace. Rangnick’s debut match against Palace will be held at Old Trafford on the 5th at 11 PM Korean time.

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