“Rangsit” flood this morning, Khu Khot flood 30 cm.

(9 September 2022) Flood situation in Pathum Thani province. At 7:00 am back, at the Pak Khlong sluice and semi-long lasting pumping stationRangsitPrayoonsak, Ban Mai Subdistrict, Mueang Pathum Thani District There was a industry go to to keep track of the water circumstance and to set up a drinking water pump to improve the drainage in the Rangsit Canal.

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This morning, the mouth of the canal floodgatesRangsitPrayoonsak has turned on the machine to drain the comprehensive drinking water procedure, 20 devices are even now circulating Simply because previous evening (8 September 2022), there was “heavy rain“Throughout the evening, drinking water overflowed from the Rangsit Prayurasak Canal and flooded within just Purple Bridge and Sky Bridge communities in Rangsit. Little vehicles simply cannot get in and out, which includes the key road There is a significant visitors jam mainly because the street is flooded The IRS is setting up 4 a lot more pumps by suction via the sluice gates to pace up the pumping capability of the drinking water that has to overflow Detention was lowered as rapidly as attainable.

Mr. explained Anek Kansangwon, Director of the Machinery Office, Royal Irrigation Office, immediately after the Royal Irrigation Department put in 9 drinking water pumps to make improvements to drainage in the Rangsit Prayoonsak Canal. We have analyzed the features of 20 equipment and all of them do the job. If any machine is broken We have currently taken the issue as backup. But there are even now some complications with the electrical program. So we have a generator as a backup as perfectly.

Pol Lt Gen Kamronwit Thoopkrachang, president of the Pathum Thani Provincial Administrative Business, said currently that the consequence would be that the overall volume of drinking water and the Rangsit space would decrease. As for the future program, we have to have to be watchful. Manage a shuttle bus for the people who ended up still left driving from previous evening.

In the meantime, reporters reported on the flood condition this morning all around Wat Lat Sanun. Wat Latsanun College Phunphon Village, Soi Chamon and Khu Khot NSO are continue to enduring about 30 cm of flooding.

From the inspection of the h2o pump space at the stop of the Chamon-Lat Sanun local community Nevertheless operating as standard and functioning 24 several hours, with just about every of the 2 devices dashing up to drive drinking water out into the 2 most important canals, but the inspection identified that the canal line was also overflowing. The h2o articles is higher right up until it can be viewed that the water in the canal and the neighborhood h2o are normally equivalent.

By asking Mr. Pratum The group stated the drinking water condition which continued thanks to the rain storm from the night caused the water of the canal to overflow into a big number of people’s houses and was weakened appropriately. As for this morning, the tide is only somewhat minimal. I am praying nowadays that the rain will not pour down all over again. If it falls all over again, the amount of money of soda flood may be greater than prior to.


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