Rape and abortion of two minor daughters… dad who got a loan

Prosecutors have sought life in prison for a man in his 40s who raped his two daughters, who were underage, more than 200 times and made them pregnant and aborted.

At the trial held today (12th), the prosecution requested the court to sentence the 48-year-old Mr. A to life imprisonment.

They also demanded employment restrictions for children and youth-related organizations for 10 years and the installation of location-tracking electronic devices for 10 years.

A was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting her two daughters more than 200 times from September 2012 to May last year.

Mr. A, who divorced his wife in 2007 and raised two daughters alone, used the younger daughter as the target of the crime and threatened to “call even your sister” if the younger daughter rebelled.

In particular, it was confirmed that when her daughter became pregnant during this process, she had an abortion and even took out loans in the name of her two daughters.

The victims have responded to the court saying, “The father never asked for forgiveness from them.”

They are currently demanding a restraining order along with severe punishment for Mr.

The prosecution explained the reason for the sentence, saying, “The accused used his position as a father, rather than supporting his children, and used his two children as a means of resolving sexuality, causing indelible wounds for the rest of his life.”

The sentencing hearing for Mr. A is scheduled to take place on the morning of the 16th of next month.

(Photo = Jeju District Court website capture, Yonhap News)



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