Rapid Spread of Dengue Fever During Rainy Season in Phitsanulok Province

Phitsanulok Battles Dengue Fever Outbreak During Rainy Season

Rising Number of Cases Sparks Concern

Phitsanulok, in the midst of its rainy season, is grappling with a severe outbreak of dengue fever. Health officials have reported a total of 746 cases, resulting in one unfortunate fatality. Prompt action has been taken to administer medication and eradicate the breeding grounds of Aedes mosquitoes, the carriers of this debilitating disease. In an urgent advisory, the Provincial Public Health department has emphasized the importance of recognizing suspicious symptoms and seeking immediate medical attention.

As Aedes mosquitoes thrive in the rainy season, Phitsanulok Province has seen a worrisome surge in dengue fever cases. The cumulative count of 746 cases this year translates to an alarming rate of 88.66 cases per 100,000 people. Tragically, this year’s toll includes one death, prompting the intervention of local authorities.

The situation has escalated significantly this month, with 103 new cases already identified and a tendency for further increases. In response, various agencies have intensified their efforts to exterminate Aedes mosquito larvae, employing methods such as placing insecticide-treated sand in water-filled containers.

Addressing the urgent need to halt the spread of disease, officials from Ratchaburana Temple, a key target in the ongoing campaign against dengue fever, have conducted extensive mosquito repellent spraying. Their efforts have encompassed crucial areas such as bathrooms, drainage pipes, and known mosquito breeding sites, aiming to eliminate Aedes mosquitoes.

Dr. Kraisuk Phetchaburanin, a renowned Public Health Doctor in Phitsanulok Province, has stressed the importance of collective action in eliminating Aedes mosquito breeding grounds during the rainy season. By doing so, it is possible to curtail the propagation of three diseases: dengue fever, Sigunya disease, and malaria.

To commence the fight against dengue fever’s resurgence, maintaining cleanliness within households, proper waste management, and immediate removal of standing water have been identified as pivotal preventive measures. Additionally, parents are urged to remain vigilant in monitoring any symptoms exhibited by their children and family members. Expert-recommended preventive methods for dengue fever are also advised, with an emphasis on seeking prompt medical attention when symptomatic.

Phitsanulok Dengue fever spreads during the rainy season. A total of 746 patients were found, with 1 death. Officials rushed to inject medicine and get rid of Aedes mosquito larvae. Provincial Public Health warns that symptoms may be considered suspicious. Seek immediate medical attention.

27 September 2023 – During the rainy season, Aedes mosquitoes breed. which causes dengue fever spread a lot Phitsanulok Province There are 746 cumulative cases this year, a case rate of 88.66 per 100,000 people. This year I met the governor. 1 patient has died.

Especially this month Found up to 103 patients and there is a tendency to find more patients. This has caused many related agencies to accelerate the campaign to eliminate Aedes mosquito larvae. Place the quicksand in a container filled with water.

Today, the officials of Ratchaburana Temple, which is one of the main targets (Bowon – house, temple, school), have brought equipment to spray mosquito repellants at various points, including bathrooms, drainage pipes, and mosquito breeding areas. To get rid of Aedes mosquitoes to begin with.

Dr Kraisuk Phetchaburanin, Phitsanulok Provincial Public Health Doctor, said this period is the rainy season. I want people to work together to eliminate breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes. Stop the spread of 3 diseases: dengue fever, Sigunya disease and malaria.

To begin with, you should keep the house, garbage and standing water clean. To prevent dengue fever coming back to spread again Including asking parents to observe the symptoms of their children and family members. They recommended methods for preventing dengue fever. If you are sick, see a doctor immediately.

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