Rashid wandered to the moon in November; It will arrive in March

Dubai | Mohammed Rashid Space Research Center Mission Manager, Dr Rashid Rover, will jump into space in November. Hamad Al Marzooqi informed. The launch will take place between November 9 and 15 from the Cape Canaveral Spaceport in Florida. The rover is expected to reach the lunar surface in March. The Mohammed Rashid Space Research Center will participate in the world’s largest space exhibition in Paris until September 22. The exact launch date of the rover will be announced in October, he said.

The Rashid rover will be transported to the surface of the moon by the Japanese lander, Hakuto-R Mission 1. The rover will launch on a Falcon 9 space rocket. Dr. happy with the completion of the inspection of the rover. Al Marzooqi said. “The rover is attached to the lander. Ready to jump. The capabilities of the rover are monitored every two weeks. The rover will be delivered to the launch center from Germany in mid-October. A moon mission has been a long-standing dream of the UAE. With this, the UAE embarks on an expedition to the lunar region. The UAE is planning several rovers and satellites.

Rashid’s rover will last one lunar day or 14 Earth days. The objective is to study lunar soil composition, lunar petrography, geology, dust and plasma conditions, and photoelectron shielding. The aim is to land on the Frigoris site of the moon. The UAE has already announced a second lunar mission including another rover as part of China’s Seven Map mission. Al Marzooqi said that the details of that mission will be announced soon.

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