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RATCH struggles to flee as state-owned enterprises KTB is tired! No government carrying

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HoonSmart.com >> Investor! Unexpected high risk Because the company Ratch Group (RATCH) suddenly mutated into a state-owned enterprise Which is in the process of finding an exit But it’s not going to be easy, if not unlocking will have a big impact on future investment. But shocking is seen to be Krung Thai Bank (KTB) when the Council of State interprets it. “Waiver from being a state enterprise” no longer receives benefits from the government sector Must do business with other commercial banks, will it be ok?

RATCH Group (RATCH) has the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) holding 45% of the largest shares. But it is not expected that the Social Security Office will buy more shares to hold more than 5% altogether, more than 50% believe that RATCH executives are looking for solutions. If it is still a state-owned enterprise, it will affect its operations. Especially in bidding for work with the government sector Believe that there is a way out But in what form will it come out?

One of the better choices is EGAT decides to reduce its shareholding. And sell big lots to institutional investors Regarded as “Shoot two birds with one stone” To prevent the Royal Group It’s a simple state enterprise anymore. And gives more opportunities for institutional investors to invest Build stability and stability of stock prices. But it must be studied carefully whether EGAT, as a state-owned enterprise, can easily sell shares of Raj Group.

Another way May have to interpret “Definition of state enterprise” In the case of the Social Security Office Responsible for managing the funds of the Social Security Fund There is a normal buying and selling of shares in the stock market. Will be considered as holding shares of a state enterprise or not

It is believed that this problem will still take a long time to resolve. If it’s not clear In the short term, this could affect the share price of RATCH. Investors have to decide what to do with this stock.

But the exact date on Nov. 9KTB shares inevitably avoid the impact Although there has been a long enough news stream about the property’s interpretation But on Friday 6 Nov 2020 it was clear thatKrung Thai Bank is not a state enterprise. Impact on directors Executives and employees too Because the Financial Institutions Development Fund, which holds 55% of the shares, is not a state-owned enterprise.

“Phayong Sriwanit” President Krung Thai Bank Informed the Stock Exchange that on November 3, 2020, the Bank received a letter from the Recovery Fund informing the Bank that The Office of the Council of State has a letter responding to the fund’s consultation. Who requested an opinion from the Office of the Council of State on the status of the Fund And Krung Thai Bank By the Office of the Council of State notified the result of consideration Krung Thai Bank does not have characteristics of being a company or a public limited company that is a state enterprise under (2) and (3) of the definition of “State Enterprises” in Section 4 of the Budget Method Act B.E. 2561

Changing the bank’s status may affect business operations. And to comply with the laws and regulations related to many state enterprises The bank is in the process of considering impacts in various areas if it is clear. Will keep informing the market

However, the Bank has studied the opinion of the Council of State on the issue of qualifications of the Bank’s directors and top management until it concluded that by the opinion of the Council of State. Along with the entry into force of the State Enterprise Supervision and Administration Act, B.E. 2562, the directors Chief Executive As well as bank employees Not subject to the Standard Qualifications for Directors and Employees of State Enterprise Act B.E. 1975

For other legal impacts, the Bank will inform you in the next opportunity as well.

“Krung Thai Bank has been a state enterprise for over 30 years. The government has used Krung Thai Bank as a tool to implement policies, pass money and send aid to the people. Pay civil servants Causing the bank to receive a lot of fee income As well as government agencies And state enterprises still have deposits with Krung Thai Bank Resulting in low financial costs From paying interest on fixed deposits lower than general public, for example, type 3 months, individuals receive 0.375% per annum and 6 months rate of 0.50% for government agencies and state enterprises, 0.25% equal to 12-24 months fixed deposit juristic person, 0.50% for general public and Enterprises accept only 0.375% “

To sustain income and profit Krung Thai Bank must ensure that deposits of these deposits do not flow out quickly. And accelerate earning additional income from new channels Because it is no longer a favor

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