Rating battle Khun Chai VS Lai Kinnaree Paeng! when he rushed one story but another matter

It’s something odd and even couples turn to each other for fun. For a battle of period dramas, 3 stories, 3 channels between Bangbun Fort, Channel 7 VS Lai Kinnaree, Channel 3 VS Khun Chai, Channel One31

By this event, the floating champion But the other two stories are so exciting that I can hardly breathe. One final result but another matter Which story will be popular and which story will be broken?

Started at Fort Bang Bun, Channel 7 by Bank Athit-Pin Charinporn, who still holds the title of champion by making 3.2

Lai Kinnaree, Channel 3 by Nadech-Yaya, the condition is still serious, can go to 1.8

As for Khun Chai, Channel One31, by Film Thanapat-Jam Rachata and a large army of actors. Sticks, Pok, Pei, Tao, etc. can go to 2.4

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