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Rheumatism is considered one of the most important diseases of the immune system, as many look for the rheumatism index of 400, as a person experiences chronic inflammation of the joints and tissues and severe pain.
What is rheumatic disease
Rheumatic disease is a disease that affects the immune system, where instead of bacteria or viruses attacking the body, the immune system mistakenly attacks the connective tissues within the joints and other organs of the human body such as: lungs, skin, eyes, heart, blood vessels.
This inflammation causes exposure to severe erosion of the bones and deformities of the joints, and in critical cases rheumatism causes physical or functional disability of the patient, who here seeks for the patient an index of rheumatism that reaches 400 and treatment of rheumatism with physical therapy and herbs.
Types of rheumatism
Rheumatic disease is divided into two types, namely:
The first type: non-inflammatory diseases that cause erosion of the joints without exposure to inflammation in the surrounding tissues and are represented by: degenerative disease of osteoporosis, disease of osteoporosis.
The second type: inflammatory diseases that affect the joints, muscles and bones and these diseases are divided into two types, namely:
Type I: non-joint inflammatory diseases that affect connective tissues and muscles. They are: scleroderma, Sjogren’s syndrome and systemic lupus erythematosus.
Type II: inflammatory joint diseases that affect the joints and surrounding tissues. They are: rheumatoid arthritis disease, gout, cardiac rheumatism, rheumatic fever, Cushing’s syndrome, ankylosing spondylitis.
How to definitively treat rheumatism
Rheumatism is a chronic disease, as there is no definitive treatment for it of all types, but its symptoms and development can be reduced by using various medications such as cortisone.
The patient can be taught to follow methods for carrying out daily activities and to use devices that help reduce strain and pressure on the joints and bones.
Exposure to rheumatic fever requires treatment and complete rest during the active phase of the disease, and the patient must remain in bed until the heat, arthritis and heart also subside and the patient must begin to move gradually together with drug treatment.
Ratio of rheumatism of 400
Rheumatic fever is a bacterium that attacks the tonsils and causes pus on the tonsils, and can be the cause of high blood levels and injuries in a person with heart muscle problems, as well as joint pain, and an analysis must be performed here.
This test is a blood test which means taking a small percentage of the patient’s blood in order to identify antibodies that attack the bacteria and toxins caused by the strep microbe, which is called rheumatic fever.
When the results of the analysis appear and the rheumatism rate becomes 200, it is considered an indication of the normal percentage, but if the rheumatism rate is 400 or higher, it is necessary to look for the reason behind this percentage.
Two weeks after infection, this means that the normal percentage of 200 increases until the rheumatism rate becomes 400, and after a month the presence of this percentage is an indication of a person’s infection with the strep microbe.
After this period and the commitment to treatment, the percentage begins to gradually decrease, and you should know that having rheumatic fever does not necessarily expose you to its complications that damage the heart and nerves.
The proportion of normal rheumatism
The normal rate of rheumatism for children and adults is 200, but when these rates are not appropriate for children, they can rise to 400 rheumatism.
If the child has a ratio of less than 400, he does not need treatment, but when the immune body exceeds 400 units, in addition to the symptoms of rheumatic fever, this requires concern, as these symptoms are sufficient to diagnose rheumatic fever as well if the analysis is normal.
How to permanently treat rheumatism with drugs
Through the city site, we explain how to permanently treat rheumatism.
Penicillin or antibiotics: Used to kill bacteria that cause inflammation, such as rheumatic fever, as they can treat residues of strep bacteria.
Among the medicines used are phenoxymethylpenicillin and administered orally, 250ml every 6 hours or 500ml every 12 hours on a daily basis for ten days.
If you are allergic to penicillin, you can use anti-erythromycin or tetracycline.
Corticosteroids: They help slow the deterioration of joints and tissues and work to reduce inflammation and pain. The patient takes a dose ranging from 60 to 120 ml daily.
The dose should be divided into four equal doses in order to reduce the symptoms of the disease and the erythrocyte sedimentation rate reaches the normal range.
Doses cannot be stopped suddenly, but should be gradually discontinued within 14 days.
Aspirin: 3 grams per day are taken in multiple doses, but the rheumatologist takes 80 ml per day and divides it into four equal doses.
The single dose does not exceed 6.5 ml per day, and after 14 days the dose is reduced to 60 and 70 ml per day and aspirin is an effective treatment for rheumatism.
How to permanently treat rheumatism with herbs
There are other methods of treating rheumatism with herbs, but the success of these herbs in reducing the symptoms of rheumatism has not been proven, and you should consult a doctor before resorting to them, the most important of which are:
Willow leaves: the leaves are eaten directly through chewing and can be used clean or dry. Take one or two tablespoons in boiling water and drink it every day morning and evening.
Cinnamon: contains anti-rheumatic substances.
Aloe vera: can be used to reduce joint pain.
Black Seed Oil: You can take black seed oil capsules twice a day to reduce joint swelling.
Eucalyptus oil: Mix a tablespoon of ground camphor oil with a cup of warm, unboiled coconut oil, then massage the sore area.
Grapefruit juice: It is used to reduce inflammation of the joint tissues and one cup should be consumed per day.
Ginger: Helps treat infections associated with rheumatism.

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