Ravens OC: Jackson's endangered people are overrated & # 39;

The biggest criterion of athletes corrupted by their legs is to reject defenses on a regular basis than the belief that the hits take their toll and their injuries occur.

Greg Roman, who accepts the offense of Baltimore Ravens, is weighting at full weight behind Lamar Jackson's signal caller, that the investigation of QBs is hurt when it is running.

"I think it's too overwhelming, the worst thing," said Roman this week, through Sun Sun. "Why? Because of this, and this is empirical data here, over the years, you mean when a quarterback decides to run, it is under control. [if] He wants to make a slide, he can make a slide. If he wants to see, the public can achieve all of these different things. He can get down, to declare himself.

"A lot of time, the cases a [have] there is more danger when he does not see what's coming – my eyes are playing, I stand up from the pocket, someone is hitting me from the blind side. My experience, and the type I learned, is that when the quarterback takes the ball and starts running, there is little danger to that relative with other cases. "

Although the sample sample is small, most of the data up to the Roman application. Usually, major injuries at quarter quarter in the game's flow usually occur in the pocket or on normal escape fun, QB runs not designed. QB Packers Aaron Rodgers or Redskins QB Alex Smith injuries would like main types of such cases.

Of course, with some teams even putting their QB in harmony and they run consistently as the Ravens did with Jackson, the data is incomplete. Jackson does not even have one-person comparison that reflects the career life of Cam Newton and gives a completely different corporate composition.

We can give points to players such as Russell Wilson, who do not think they'll never take them out of the pocket, he's running because of their ability to not be able to fight before contact, such as a mobile QB placing more penalties in the pocket or outside. We could use Robert Griffin III in the invasive example as one of the worst decorated raids ever hit field.

The Roman has a lot of experience as a modern co-ordinator working with a mobile quarter. From Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick in San Francisco to Tyrod Taylor to Buffalo. Jackson is not in Baltimore.

The OC believes that Jackson will be able to learn from their music campaign when he or she might take a chance to have a big hit.

"Last year, for example, he had a learning curve about how he would deal with it [running] "Roman said." Do we want to take those visits? Why would I get back against the grain when I could start the door into space? & # 39; These things started last year. … I think you have to be very grateful to achieving the big picture. "

The biggest picture for the Ravens starts with Jackson to improve as a year from Year 1 to Year 2. If the Baltimore run game improves, it will run the much more dangerous and help relieve some of the Jackson strikes outside of the pocket.


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