“RCEP Ministers” begin the first meeting of the year, speeding up the confirmation of members.

In addition, it has monitored and reviewed the implementation of each country in accordance with its RCEP obligations, as well as allocated budgets and rapid discussions on economic and technical cooperation activities. Support and promote improvement in the business environment in order to be more favorable to trade and investment in the RCEP region.

After the agreement entered into force until July 2022, Thailand exported to RCEP member countries worth 91,109.2 million US dollars, accounting for 52.7% of Thailand’s total exports, expanding by 8.4% compared to with the same period the previous year. And in the first half of the year (January-June 2022), Thai operators have exercised RCEP rights to export to member countries worth more than US $ 429.34 million. The biggest exports are to South Korea, followed by China, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and New Zealand. For products requiring the highest RCEP rights, such as canned tuna spreads, fresh durian, cassava strips and airbags with an inflation system

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