Home Entertainment Reaction, young Kanchai, when he finds out that his husband’s mistress has destroyed the house Being a service girl, I can’t go at all.

Reaction, young Kanchai, when he finds out that his husband’s mistress has destroyed the house Being a service girl, I can’t go at all.

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Hitch the trend, bring 3 people to talk together in front of the husband, wife, mistress, arguing with each other. The mistress refuses to be a mistress. but a saleswoman The male side was just a customer. The young Kanchai was stunned. The show almost couldn’t stop.

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From the case of revealing a clip of a young man angry with Mia, not allowing the mistress to move in with him. after divorce The men destroyed the things that the house was destroyed. All that’s left is a pile of debris, stuff falling all over the floor. Must buy all new The baby’s toy is broken. Tear off the children’s homework book as well until the child cries a lot. which the wife and children do not have a home to live with

Read the news: Young man is crazy about destroying the house. Provoke Mia King and not allow the Mistress to come with her. make the baby cry Mine is no exception!

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Most recently, on August 19, 2021, the trending program on Channel 3, with young Kanchai as the moderator, invited Khun Ton (male), Khun Prae (Luang’s wife) and Khun Meow (young wife) to talk and open up. list By Mr. Ton trying to tell the incident that happened. The reason why you want to bring Meow into your home is because of Khun Ton and Khun Prae’s family. I’m facing covid-19, I’m having problems with expenses. which Khun Ton saw that Khun Meow, who secretly had a deep relationship She is a woman who can cook well. Therefore, he wants to come in the house to help cook and expect to open and sell food as well. to make the family earn more

After that, Num Kanchai asked Khun Meow if he would like to come and live in the house together as Khun Ton wants or not. Meow confirmed that I didn’t have any thoughts of wanting to go. It is your desire alone.

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Later, there was a time when Young Kanchai asked if Meow loved Ton or not. Ms. Meow insists that she doesn’t love. because she has a career in sales Khun Ton is just one customer. with her career She can’t give love to her customers. This moment made young Kanchai stunned. Before asking, wait, what are you selling? Which Khun Meow said that her sales career is a profession that society does not accept. Playing and answering like this, young Kanchai was almost speechless, unable to do so, the show paused for a moment.

However, Young Kanchai apologized and apologized again. to call Khun Meow as a salesperson Because it’s a word that she accepts and tells the whole country herself. As Mr. Ton said he wanted to pull the cat out of here therefore try to help in every way would like to take them home to help make a living Until the quarrel with Khun Prae, the royal wife, led to a divorce. and followed by the invasion of the house as the famous news

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