Read it to the end! Tonhom collects individual figures after Rusaka ends the battle 10 Fight 10


Radius The sky overflowing after winning On the ring of the 11th match of Muay Dara 10 Fight 10 Presented by GS BATTERY Season 2 on Instagram of the close senior DJ Tonhom Sakuntla There has been a post out. With a long message saying

Xthitinan sends an update clip of his injury after a fight

Hit the big bag! The brilliant radius wins 10 Fight 10 and takes the prize money into the Lisa brand.

Tour to AIG !! Kan Kan Tathaworn was completely destroyed !! After asking, what is the sex of King Kong?

“To me …
I know in your heart you wonder how proud I am of you this time …… .. I’ll say I’m very proud of you, not just winning. But the way you win your heart is greater than the reward. Seeing that slim figure is indicative of hard training. And seeing the discipline, wake up at 5 am to practice taking care of eating and sleeping on schedule, which is very difficult for people like you. Because before telling him to keep a little for a year You can never do it…. But when you accomplish difficult things, it means…. Oh, he was determined!
Even if you lose You win my heart anyway Your boxing is beautiful, polite, humble and flawless !!!
And finally…. I’m proud of you! (Listen clearly)
To the people who have a drama against each other …
The question of whether it is a male or female King Kong It is a question that will only throw in defending as a child … The opening picture is Mother King Kong carrying King Kong’s child. It looks warm and cute. Before the launch, there was a rehearsal already. Kan also walked over to talk to Hom and said that he would launch like this, which we didn’t stick with and agreed that it was pretty. As for the picture showing in front of the abyss, Kan asked Because the timing asked is the same as wrong, the queue straddles each other a little Kan’s words may not sound (some) sound, but his intentions are correct!

Racism occurs only when the audience does not agree or is uncomfortable and uncomfortable, but in this case We already know and do not feel anything… Please be informed to understand and do not want to cause misunderstandings. The sentence that the MC should be changed It undermines the encouragement of people who work hard on all parties. So, Hom would be one of the voices that encourage everyone in the team!
To Kan ..
I saw Gun since the radio was arranged, you spoke more and more. I still think in my heart I regret your handsome face, the DJ was not suitable (at that time) until the day of 10f10 practice session, I saw you on stage, I was proud for you. You have come a long way. Sit back and see if it’s me Am I looking for it? The answer is, I definitely can’t. Live TV is already difficult. In addition, the need to care for the loser You must have a joke. Wait, it’s too stressful. Must control everything Who says you still don’t know, but I think you are good! And you are a teacher for the young generation who want to be an MC Including myself Age is not related to where hr flies Today, watch. Fly you very high !!
Finally, a wonderful fist of the race ..
I know how much pressure Pee X has to bear. But P’Kroot is cool, brother has broken since the 2nd round, but wears a diamond heart, can stand 3, raise your heart, it’s amazing. La P’Kroot, polite, humble, match P, impressive It is an encouragement for you!
And finally, I love Antoine !!!!
P.S. Whoever reads, you’re good! And you are confused “


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