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Today, the Thai calendar indicates Friday, June 24, B.E. 2022.

The 90th anniversary of democracy in Siam after the People’s Party chose to write a new chapter of history on June 24, 1932.

From today, Thai people have a taste of a new form of politics and governance. called democracy

Some half leaves, some forward, some backward, some moonwalk, some stumble, some somersault.

On a day that has not yet been “established” 99.99%, as the NCPO government has claimed

Thai citizens, especially the new generation turned his attention to political history until it became an important phenomenon in the book industry

After 9 decades, “Matichon Publishing House” stood on the “most people” side, publishing a new book, hoping for the day of democracy to blossom.

Rebel Naval ‘Manhattan’ New Edition

Append the memo from the marshal to the common people.

It is a classic book published for the first time since 1986 for the rebel navy “Manhattan”. Niyom Sukrongpang’s work recounts important political events in Thailand. When the National Rescue Team led by a young naval officer hijacked Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram, Prime Minister as a hostage to negotiate for the government at that time to leave power But the government’s violent military and police response led to bloody clashes that ultimately led to the defeat of the National Guard. The Navy’s powers and roles were reduced. While a coup d’état was able to establish a dictatorship with the Army as a key force for many decades to come.

Most recently, Matichon Publishing has reprinted it for the second time in 2022, adding various appendices. with an editorial by Narit Charaschanyawong People’s Party History Specialist Tell me about the documents about the case. “Manhattan Rebellion” interestingly and expands various aspects About the Manhattan Rebellion and an appendix to the records of the participants from the field marshal level to the common people

It is an easy-to-read political history documentary. Completely all around the inside, 528 pages, new cover design, more collectible.

‘Revolution on the tip of the tongue’ adjusting the taste, enhancing the taste, eating

in Thai society after 1932

Another new book, must try. is the work that tells

Fighting and negotiating the political meaning of flavor that is hidden to the tip of the tongue. After the 1932 revolution, the People’s Party brought a new nutrition concept to collide with modern politics. pushing people to pay more attention to eating healthy food both career promotion and food industry The success of the revolution on the tip of the tongue also led to a process of seizing meaning and redefining the taste standards of the later elites.

It can be said that if any group in society is able to hold power at the tip of the tongue It can also hold political and cultural power at the mass level as well.

Quality work of Chatchai Muksong that not only presents issues of historical, political, and moral values. The legacy of the People’s Party as a result of the 1932 Revolution, but also its connection to the outside world and the capitalist economy. The power struggle and the political role of the elite

strong content complete and complete The sub-points of each chapter are consistent, linked, and arranged in a sequential order. It presents aspects and concepts from the post-revolutionary period of 1932 to the 1957s, with a summary of the context of each era. It also invites the reader to ask questions to think further from the issues in the book.

Because the author is an expert teacher and has studied the history of food thoroughly. The book also presents the consistency of many dishes such as noodles, meat, milk, eggs, sugar, southern food, Isan food, and royal cuisine. How these tastes and foods have political implications and how they relate to leadership.

This is a new book that has to be tasted of revolution on the tip of the tongue. before adjusting the flavor to a democratic eating

‘Revolutionary people’

The life and dreams of the new generation

The work of Nattapon Jaijun, which takes readers back to the past to see the new generation (idea) in the early days to create democracy where they and she actively play a role in promoting and protecting democracy. through constitutional protection, reading, writing and traveling in constitutional celebrations with hidden political significance It is a record of the People’s Party era in another form that will bring back to the modern generation in the hope that the stories of the unnamed commoners in history will be remembered as well as the stories. of important people

“This country belongs to the people.”

A word that illustrates the importance of “people” as owners of sovereignty after the 1932 revolution, something that absolute monarchy never had.

The people, especially the new generation, were in an atmosphere of freedom. That gave them and her a free spirit. Recognizing the importance of the existence of democracy

Invite you to read the story of the new generation in the People’s Party era by connecting with the new generation in the present era. clearly pointed out the role of the common people – the new generation

It is 3 volumes concentrated on Thai political history that both old-medium-new generation must read.

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