Ready for a K-Console game sortie… Is there any possibility of a ‘Squid Game’ on the game board?

P’s Lies is a soul-like single-player action RPG that highlights its realistic graphics set in the Belle Epoque era of the late 19th century, a unique worldview adapted from the classic ‘Pinocchio’ in A cruel fairy tale, and excellent action. It is currently in development for console and PC platforms, and is expected to be released in 2023.

Krafton’s survival horror game ‘Calisto Protocol’, set for global release on December 2, is a survival horror game featuring a survival story that takes place on ‘Calisto’, a moon of Jupiter in 2320. Playing the game based on a third person story, the user escapes from the maximum security ‘Black Iron’ prison in Callisto and uncovers the terrible secrets of the ‘United Jupiter Company’. The goal of the game is to survive the mysterious epidemic that has plunged Black Iron Prison into chaos through tactics such as close combat and shooting combinations.

Nexon’s ‘First Descendant’, which is being pre-registered ahead of the Steam global beta test from October 20 to 27, is a root shooter genre that combines third-person shooter combat and RPG. It is a global triple-A class game developed with the core values ​​of high-quality visuals implemented with Unreal Engine 5, spectacular 4-player co-op shooting action, and a sustainable RPG.

On the other hand, Pearl Abyss’ Goblin, presented at ‘Gamescom’ last year, has a beautiful open world and freedom that traverses virtual space in the gameplay trailer video, as well as K-pop music, Hanok, Sotdae, Haetaesang , traditional games, Korean attractions, etc. It has received a lot of attention from global gamers because it contains elements that are unique to the game.

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