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Ready to deal with smoke With Samsung’s innovative AirDresser clothes cleaner and sterilizer.

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After a long work-from-home session, it’s finally time to dust off the smart work clothes hanging in the closet. Come out to wear it and go back to office mode again. And of course, today’s office workers are worried about germs and dirt that may be attached to clothes. especially the outer covering that cannot be washed frequently, such as suits or blazers

For taking care of clothes that perfectly meet the needs of life in the New Normal era. For tumble dryers and disinfectants Samsung AirDresser clothes cleaning assistant ready to kill germs and allergens that hides with clothes that must be worn every day, helps to preserve the fabric, take care of every dress, please reduce wrinkles Even a luxurious dress to be clean and confident Ready to use without having to use a dry cleaning shop.

You can wear a smart blazer every day, safe from germs and PM2.5 dust.

Going back to the office at the end of the year like this may make many people worry about the exposure of PM2.5 dust that can accumulate in the body and unknowingly affect long-term health. including viruses, bacteria and allergens That can cause infections and diseases. Simple ways to protect yourself. is to wash hands Wear a mask when leaving the house. and take care of the cleanliness of the appliances Especially clothes that need to be worn more than once, such as blazers, suits, and sweaters. that office workers can’t live without

The innovative AirDresser garment cleaner is the answer for anyone back to the office. Ensure the cleanliness of your clothes every time you put them on with the powerful JetSteam steam technology that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, 100% of dust mites, and 99% of other harmful substances with steam. High temperature that deeply cleans fabrics. There are also innovative Jet Air and Air Hangers that remove smoke dust that is stuck in the fabric fibers. Thanks to the airflow that blows evenly from both the top and bottom of the unit, deep dust particles are easily removed.

Preserve your favorite dress, as confident as you put it on for the first time.

Office workers like us Must have a favorite outfit that is confident, flexible, ready to accept every challenge. Make it the outfit you always choose to wear. to enhance work power and confidence For this reason, it is the garment that undergoes the most washing and cleaning. But the problem that people who love cleanliness have to face from taking care of cleaning clothes often is that the clothes dry quickly. When washing often, they are afraid that they will lose their shape, fade, get old quickly.

Samsung understands this problem very well and has developed HeatPump technology.

Drying in the AirDresser to preserve the fabric during the drying process. by releasing low-temperature air from below To increase airflow and dry clothes thoroughly. The AirDresser also has a Quick Daily Cycles feature that can clean clothes as fast as 24 minutes, perfect for people who want to take care of their clothes. Please keep it looking new all the time.

look good from every angle like having a professional take care

AirDresser can help you keep your clothes looking like they came out of the dry cleaners with Wrinkle Care, an innovative technology that combines steam and air to effectively smooth out any creases on clothes. which can be programmed to suit each type of fabric To calculate the right time and temperature, AirDresser can remove up to 100% wool creases and 80% rayon creases, like having a professional take care of your fabrics every day. Ready for you to control with your heart through the SmartThings app can check the working status. Recommended washing that is suitable for the type of fabric. and remember your usage Meet the smart lifestyle Puts you in control of your life at your fingertips.

Innovative cleaning and disinfection of clothes, AirDresser from Samsung, ready to send you back to work with confidence during this Back to Office period, and very special with a year-end promotion Happier & Healthier Home for you to own an AirDresser at a price of 54,990 baht from the price. Normal price 69,990 baht from today until January 9, 2022 interested people can see more details at www.samsung.com/th/washers-and-dryers


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