Ready to fight against all rules, “Paed Saen Lek” takes up kickboxing at ONE Lumpini 3, paving the way to world class

Any rules are irrelevant, “800,000 Lek” starts the first kickboxing match in a boxer’s life.a fightHot Russian Boxing “Elbrus” Battle ONE Lumpinee 3

Show the heart of a fighter to the limit. “Chao Taweewan” Padsaen Lek PKSaenchai Muay Thai Gym is ready to fight kickboxing for the first time in life against “Elbrus Amirkanovich”, a Russian opponent In the bantamweight coordinates (145 lbs.) as the second pair ONE Lumpini Battle 3 this Friday, February 3.

Although he has never fought in kickboxing rules before, “Paedsaen Lek” believes his fighting style is fierce. His boldness will make it possible to hit opponents like Muay Thai. Also, the body is fully prepared after training for this fight for almost 2 months.

Eight hundred thousand from Lek vs Elbrus

“This is my first kickboxing fight. But I find that I don’t have to adjust my boxing style much. Even if you can’t use your elbow I’d like to walk in style. Try to get a lot of punches first.”

“Elbrus is in good shape. Fleas are scary. Make this fight I can’t be too low. But the trainer has already solved the boxing way. I’m getting ready to walk in style. out armed with fists And kicking a lot of kicks, but having to defend tighter.

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Almost the day he has arrived With the fighting in the battle. #UnChampionship 🥊 (Fight it, sweet liver)

Posted by Paedseanlek Susumalee on Friday, January 27, 2023

Being a boxer under the PK “moonlight PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym” Former UN Muay Thai Strawweight World Champion (125 Por.) and “Tawanchai PK.Saenchaimuaythaigym” owner of the UN Muay Thai Flyweight World Champion (155 P.) On now

“moonlight is a dedicated person I put a lot of effort into training. I learned many benefits from him, including receiving advice on how to fight on the ONE Lumpinee stage as well, just like Tawanchai, his younger brother, who will help me in training .And seeing my friends and brothers join the camp to fight in this program for 2 weeks makes me feel very excited.

In addition, “Pat Saen Lek”, who boxing fans know well is the heir of a famous former boxer, the owner of the Lumpinee Muay Thai Stadium champion “Mad Remote” Super Lek Sri Isan, revealed the bond that he returned to fight in the this legendary boxing ring again too

“My relationship with the Lumpinee Boxing Stadium It has to start with my father, Superlek Sriisan, a famous ex-boxer who used to win the Lumpinee Stadium Championship before. His father brought me to the Lumpinee Stadium when I was young. I was excited to follow in his father’s footsteps. And the ONE Lumpinee battle atmosphere makes me more determined in this battle. I want to do a good job for the family. And my relatives are proud of me too.”

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For the battle of ONE Lumpini 3, ready to explode the fun! by Thai sports fans can book tickets at the stadium via The first pair start at 7:30 pm and broadcast live on Channel 7 HD from 8:30 pm

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