Real 11 roster, Thai Football League 2022/23

List of 11 players who start on the field

Sukhothai CPD :

  1. Kittiphan Saensuk (GK)
  2. Sarawut Kalayanabundit
  3. Lurking Zolda
  4. Saringkarn Phromsupha
  5. Sila Srikampang
  6. Eaksit Chaobutr
  7. Nattawut Charoenbut
  8. Ryohei Arai
  9. Osman’s sow
  10. Sarawut Tharrit
  11. Admir Byrowich

Port FC:

  1. Worawut Srisupa (GK)
  2. Supanan Burirat
  3. Elias Dolo
  4. Frans Putros
  5. Kevin Deeromram
  6. Sergio Suarez
  7. Thanaboon Kesarat
  8. Pakorn Prempak
  9. Padin Phala
  10. Hamilton Soares
  11. Guillerme Pinto
  • list: Revo Thai Football League 2022/23
  • Matches: Sukhothai FC VS Port Authority FC
  • Competition date/time: Sunday, October 23, 2022 at 5:30 pm
  • stadium: Talay Luang Stadium

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