Real deal! Xbox fridges made from the heart of Microsoft

This is not a joke. Let’s cover up for fun in any way! It is what Microsoft intends to give as a reward for the fans who have followed them. With the cool black square-shaped refrigerator that only the lucky person can possess

Last week Many people have probably heard the news about The specially designed “Box-Box” refrigerator looks similar to the upcoming console generation, which at that time was not much attention. Because it is believed that it is a fan-made product that people think of making fun of themselves But the reality is not like that.

Recently on the Xbox official Twitter page, a special campaign event was posted. The Xbox Series X Fridge will be given as a reward for a number of lucky winners. The interior can be used to freeze fresh things like a normal refrigerator. But what is more superior is the black square exterior with an eye-catching white cross logo.

For the rules of the grand prize to win this piece All you have to do is follow Twitter @Xbox and retweet the post below followed by adding a hashtag. #XSXFridgeSweeps only, the event will run from today until the end of November 4.

Although it might not sound like much about the game But this is yet another Microsoft marketing strategy to generate a wave of attention from the gamer group. Before the deadline for the release of new consoles collided with Sony in November.


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