‘Real Estate’ backs ‘Chatchart’ to dismantle the land tax Agriculture Reed Shifter But wait for the ERC to recover first.

‘Real Estate’ backs ‘Chatchart’ to dismantle the land tax Agriculture Reed Shifter But wait for the ERC to recover first.

on May 30 Sanit Adhayanasakul Mr The CEO of Property Perfect Public Company Limited revealed that he agreed that Mr. Chatchart Sittipunt, the Governor of Bangkok (Bangkok) would propose that the new government review the tax on land and new building. in order to be able to collect more full income But I would like to wait for the economic recovery more first

In addition, the BMA must speed up the preparation of the new Bangkok City Plan to be effective as soon as possible. because it has been delayed for a long time While the town plan would be useful for collecting land taxes as well. Because each zone has a different land use schedule. As a result, the appraisal price of land is not the same, for example, land in the center of the city will be more expensive than the outer area, etc.

“I agree to rethink that it is suitable for many new electric train lines. To be fair and worth the government that spent a lot of construction budget The beneficiaries of the electric train should pay more land tax,” said Sanit.

Mr. Sanit also wants to form a new government and wants to form a team quickly Because foreigners who are partners in developing projects from Japan and investors buy condominium projects to invest. There was a question about when the control of the new government would be clear. which I cannot answer And have postponed the decision to buy a condominium a great deal to some extent. to wait and see the government and the new economic team

Issara Boonyoung Mr Managing Director of Kanda Property Co., Ltd. and Chairman of the Real Estate, Design and Construction Committee The Thai Chamber of Commerce said Mr Chatchart would review the new land tax. It is not easy But if a new collection rate is set that does not exceed the ceiling set by law, it is considered possible. Because the law allows the local to set the collection rate already The ceiling rate for agricultural land does not exceed 0.15%, residential houses does not exceed 0.3%, other land and idleness does not exceed 1.2%.

“Review the land tax The government or Bangkok must review the entire structure of the tax system. Because at the moment, the effect of the imposed land tax has both negative and positive effects. Varies from business to business Some businesses may pay less than the original tax collected from the house. Or some businesses may lose a lot, like a gas station in the city. So now you won’t see a new gas station in the city. to disappear at all because the price of land is expensive It is not worth doing. But he admitted that the advantage of the land tax is the lower discretion in collecting taxes compared to the house tax which is collected annually at 12.5%,” said Mr Issara.

Mr Issara said that the association would ask the government to review the public service tax rates in projects that were allocated, such as roads, facades, clubs, from the original. But when land tax must be paid at the same rate as other types of land. at a rate of 3,000 baht per million to 200 baht per million equal to houses Although unsold homes and condominiums (stock) are charged at other types of rates. asking to collect the same rate as housing because it is not intended for business Including asking for a separate tax assessment between land tax and building tax As for how much the collection rate is set, it depends on government sector.

Wason Kiengsiri Mr The President of the Housing Business Association said he agreed to review the new land tax. because it is inconsistent with the income of the business sector Because land tax is calculated from the value of land and buildings. Different from property tax which is calculated from income If you earn a lot, pay a lot. Get less income, pay less. However, during the review of the new land tax which is expected to take a reasonable amount of time, the association will ask the new government to consider tax relief for another 1-2 years, waiting for the economy to fully recover. Because after COVID, the income of the business sector is still not the same. By asking for tax collection step by step, in 2024, collect 50%, in 2025, collect 75%, and in 2026 until 100% is collected.

“Including delaying the increase in new appraisal prices during the year. because it was raised to 8.93% on January 1, 2023, although the state reduced the land tax by 15%, but when it was deducted from the appraisal price, it almost did not reduce the burden at all,” said Mr Wasan.

Five Sinacharoen Mr The CEO of Proud Real Estate Public Company Limited said he agrees with the enforcement and review of land and building taxes. But I would like to see the readiness of the economy as well the economy has not fully recovered at the moment Ask the government to store the stairs. For people to get income back as normal and then collect the full 100% rate

before Chatchart Sittipunt Mr The governor of Bangkok (Bangkok) said that the BMA will continue to push forward the collection of land tax and construction at a higher rate than the law. For the land in the red (commercial) area the landowner must currently use it for agricultural purposes. to ease the tax burden The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration will discuss with the new government to consider pushing this issue further. After the Ministry of Finance saw that it could not be implemented.

“What we want to do is If the land is agricultural in the red town plan Can you keep it expensive? Because it looks like shift agriculture but the Ministry of Finance does not allow It will discuss with the new government to help push this issue. Because if it can be done, it will be a good thing. Make Bangkok get more income. In the past, BMA lost about 800 million baht in revenue from this place,” said Mr Chatchart.


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