‘Real estate invincible’ Gangnam apartment 520 million won a month ‘tumble’… where are you

picture explanationA view of Banpo Acro River Park, which was reconstructed from Sinbanpo 1st car [사진 = 대림산업]

Acro River Park exclusive area of ​​84.95 square meters in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul was traded at 3.98 billion won in December last year, a drop of 520 million won from the previous highest price of 4.5 billion won (November 15). In addition, 8 out of 10 apartment transactions made nationwide last month were found to have decreased in price from the previous high.

According to the ‘National Apartment Transactions’ data received from the Korea Real Estate Agency on the 24th by Rep. Kim Hoe-jae, a member of the National Assembly Land Transport Committee, the price of 22,729 apartment transactions made in December last year (as of January 18, report date) was lower than the previous high. was counted as 79.5% (18,068 cases).

By region, Gyeonggi Province showed 72.0%, Incheon 62.8%, and Seoul 54.3%. In Seoul, the decline in December of last year exceeded half for the first time among monthly transactions last year.

If you look at the actual transaction information of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, you can easily find the complexes where the price of apartments has dropped by billions.

The exclusive area of ​​84.95 m² of Acro River Park in Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, which is considered one of the most expensive apartments on the Han River in Seoul, was traded at 3.98 billion won in December last year, down 520 million won from the previous highest price of 4.5 billion won (November 15).

In the case of 99.55 square meters for the Misa River Beach Summit in Mangwol-dong, Hanam-si, Gyeonggi-do, it was traded at a new price of 1.57 billion won in May last year, and then traded at 1.2 billion won in December last year, dropping 370 million won in half a year. The 134.8 m² dedicated to Nonhyeon Shinil Happy Tree in Namdong-gu, Incheon was sold for 500 million won in December of last year, lowering the price by 225 million won from the highest price of 725 million won in September last year.

Rep. Kim said, “The downward stability of the real estate market has become firm.” “The government and politicians must work together to accelerate the massive supply to strengthen downward stability and prevent speculation, illegality and disturbance.”

Earlier, Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Noh Hyung-wook also appeared on Yonhap News TV, saying, “According to the statistics in November of last year, for the first time since the financial crisis, the actual transaction prices across the nation, the metropolitan area and Seoul are negative together.” It came out to be,” he said.

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