Real estate is pushing forward to revive the market, dreading the uptrend – dragging down demand.


real estate to build houses Continue to stimulate purchasing power in the second half of the year before interest rates increase. Fear of stumbling Go through events – strong promotions Get emotional – the spending atmosphere begins to revive. Revealing the number of bookings for building houses in the first half of the year exceeded the target

Covid-19 situation continued to improve including unlocking various measures for people to return to normal life more Real estate operators are confident that the market conditions in the second half of the year are a positive signal to launch the game to accelerate business recovery by injecting campaigns, promotions, activities to awaken the trading atmosphere. before the rate hike “interest” which is an important variable to stumbling demand

Mr. Worawut Kanjanakul The president of the Home Builder Association said the government’s measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 were more relaxed, such as removing masks. As a result, people began to return to normal life. This is good for businesses that have a more active atmosphere from the tendency of confidence in spending. As a result, many home builders are preparing to organize more promotional activities in the shopping center floor to boost sales.

However, despite the rising cost of construction materials leading to 3-5% price adjustments, but entrepreneurs focus on creating more value for customers with the addition of the convenience of living in the home Innovative presentations to support trends such as energy saving Save the world in the form of promotions to customers. as an option for customers

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“In the first half of the year, a house-building company in Bangkok And in other provinces, sales have grown clearly. Every company has clearly exceeded sales targets. This is a good sign for a home building business. including real estate business After two years of stagnation.”

At the same time, the association is preparing to hold a big annual event. Home Builder and Materials Expo on 14-18 Sept in Muang Thong Thani A large number of visitors are expected to attend the event after a long absence of offsite events. This is an activity that will help stimulate the home-building market to become more active again. before the interest rate hike which may have the effect of interrupting demand

Sansiri pointed out horizontal growth in all segments

Mr. Anat Kittikulmethee Deputy Managing Director of Low-rise Project Development, Sansiri Public Company Limited, said that the property market in the second half of 2022 is likely to recover in line with the expected economic recovery. Low-rise housing market grows in demand after COVID situation in all price segments especially the luxury market Single house on the upper level see a clear expansion from customers who want to live in a good location surrounded by amenities whole hospital Community malls and schools are among the top factors consumers looking for upper-class housing will look for when deciding to purchase a home.

Sansiri continues to launch low-rise projects as planned, confident that it will generate sales of horizontal projects of 24 billion baht as targeted. From the latest low-rise project sales reached 10,000 million baht, an increase of almost 30% compared to the same period last year, representing more than 40% from the low-rise sales target this year.

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Sansiri has 3 other projects that are in the pipeline for sales, such as Kanasiri Ratchaphruek-346, Habitia Orbit Hatairat and Habitia Prime Ratchapruek, including many projects that are prepared to be Sold Out in half of the year. behind As a result, Sansiri’s income has grown significantly.

In June this year, Sansiri also launched a single detached house brand Saransiri “the first detached house of the family” under the concept “WHERE THE LOVE EXPANDS”, 2 new projects, Saransiri Bangna, totaling 246 units, priced at 6-12 million baht. and Saransiri Rama 2, a total of 135 units, priced at 8-12 million baht.

moving forward with the launch of the project

Mr. Tritecha Tangmatitham Managing Director Supalai Public Company Limited said Nowadays, people are starting to return to their normal lives. In particular, the mask removal measures will help make various activities more active. Supalai has organized launching activities in various shopping centers. There has been a good response from customers who are interested in participating in the event. which will continue

However, now there is a negative factor in inflation that is a major obstacle to pulling purchasing power. from the higher cost of living In addition, the trend of interest rates must be increased. which is being closely monitored If it doesn’t rise too quickly, it’s still within the acceptable range.

“Currently at the lowest interest rates ever. The upward adjustment will be in the previous threshold. which is not expensive interest On the contrary, what has a greater impact is inflation. We have to adjust our marketing plans to accommodate the situation.”

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Break the promotion. Accelerate the balance.

Mr. Abhisit Soonthornchukiat Chief Executive Officer of Origin Condominium Co., Ltd. said that from organizing the event “Pro Rang Khen Pui Mui” at Siam Paragon on June 9-12, for the first time in almost 2 The year of the return of large on-site events to support a return to normal life in the open city era.

Real estate is pushing forward to revive the market, dreading the uptrend - dragging down demand.

However, the company has given importance to another part of the consumer who is familiar with Next Normal behavior, conducting all online shopping activities. with activities both on-site and live from the event via online As a result, Origin’s projects are accessible to all groups of consumers. and received enthusiastic response Make condo sales of more than 458 million baht within 4 days.


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