‘Real estate sales’ A 20-something who escaped from a dormitory and was dragged down from the 7th floor is in critical condition

A man in his 20s, who had escaped from the dormitory and had been caught again by cohabitants, fell from the 7th floor of the building and was in critical condition.

On the 10th, the Gangseo Police Station in Seoul announced that a man in his 20s fell from a villa in Gangseo-gu around 10 am the previous day and fell into an unconscious state.

The police confirmed the scene of Mr. A being forcibly brought to the villa through closed circuit (CC) TV and urgently arrested four people living with him.

It is known that the arrested cohabitants claimed to the police that they were in the ‘real estate sales business’ together.

It was found that 7 to 8 people were living in this villa.

It is known that Mr. A left this dormitory a few months ago and was arrested again in the morning of the previous day by four people.

The police are investigating and urgently arresting four people on charges of arrest and detention.

A police official said, “We are investigating the details of what they did and why they forcibly brought Mr. A back.”

Park Tae-geun, reporter for


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