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Real legend scooter, Lambretta V200 GP.

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Lambretta (Lambetta) the real legendary scooter brand Italian citizenship With a longer history 73 year Arrange a surprise to end the year With the release of the car “Lambretta V200 GP In concept The New Genesis of GP Return of the legend GP In the design of this car model Has brought up the famous legend of the car. Lambretta GP Or another name is DL To convey in the design of the model car Lambretta V200 GP The strengths that have been conveyed in this model include the uniqueness of the fenders. Fix Fender And symbols Ink Splash

Relive the legend Lambretta GP/DL Which is the model produced for sale in the year 1969 – 1971 It is a product designed by Nuccio Bertone The famous designers of the past who have deposited many designs on both Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini and Ferrari Etc., which he has entered to adjust the appearance of Lambretta At that time to be sleek, sleek and more sporty by Nuccio Bertone Get ideas from ink droplets on the ground During his design Therefore put this ink drop on the car Lambretta GP/DL Until it became a unique identity of the generation DL/GP Finally and for Lambretta V200 GP Latest car launch It is the world’s first release of this car on 17 Dec 63 On the online channel of the fan page Lambretta Scooters Thailand Considered to be a return of DNA Legendary breed GP The real one with a new color design to have a different texture around the car. With shiny surface material contrasting with matte surface material Along with introducing the identity of the legend GP Mudguards Fix Fender And symbols Ink Splash To be on the body of Lambretta V200 GP This car and enhance its charm Increase the sportiness in the veteran lineage of racetrack legends. GP With Italian nationality tires like Pirelli

Lambretta V200 GP Comes with an injection engine (EFI) Cylinder volume size 169 Cc type 1 pump 4 Air cooling stroke Certified for exhaust standards EURO 4 Automatic gear CVT Belt driven Front suspension Telescopic And a dual rear suspension system CBS (Combi Brake System) Help distribute the brake force Safety with disc brakes on both front and rear

Lambretta V200 GP This latest launch has together to 3 Special shades on surfaces that differ with gloss materials contrasting with matte materials are colors. Black Ink , Red Ink and Yellow Ink At the opening price, suggested selling at 106,000 baht, ready to receive special offers only during the launch, just get out Lambretta V200 GP At every branch dealer From today A date 31 Jan 64 Get free! Helmet Lambretta Limited Special model number 1 Ready for free! Registration fee + Act and free lost car insurance (*** Deadline 31 Jan 64 Only this!)


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