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Real Madrid shoot fun feet! Invade Granada, seize the pressure on Sociedad

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“White King” Real Madrid created an advantage before the champions’ rivals after beating Granada 4-1 without a dribble to win three points to jump to the top of the crowd, putting pressure on Real Sociedad, who has a queue to play. next late night couple in the Spanish La Liga football match

Stadium : Estadio Nuevo Los Carmenes

The 13th La Liga football match on Sunday, November 21, past Granada’s host, 17th place, opened the nest to receive the visit of Real Madrid, ranked 3rd, which this game if Carlo Ancelot’s team Atti has won three points to overtake Real Sociedad and Sevilla to lead the crowd immediately.

The first half of the game in the 19th minute became Real Madrid, breaking the goal up to lead the hosts first 1-0 from the moment that Toni Kroos hit the ball for Marco Asensio to break the ball past Luis Maxi. Milano not go in

Then in the 25th minute, Ancelotti’s team led quickly to 2-0, a short ball from Conner on the left, Toni Kroos for Luka Modric before the Croatian star. will return Kroos Cross to the front of the goal for Nacho Fernandez to change the ball into

In the 31st minute, the White King should get the third seed, leading away from Asensio, coming down to hit a narrow angle, shoot, break the back, Maximiliano is about to cross the line, but was blocked by Guinea, the right-back of the locals. The ball went out unbelievably.

But becoming the host Granada came to the door, hitting the egg, chasing it to 1-2 in the 34th minute from the moment that Vinicius Juniors lost the ball in the middle before Moncho flowed to Luis. Javier Suarez shook the trigger from outside the box to ricochet, Nacho Fernandez shifted the doorway, the kind that Courtois, who was darting in the other direction, turned and looked.

At the end of the game, in the 44th minute, Karim Benzema had some light, but had not yet passed the hand of the homeland boss. A minute later, the host almost had a chance to equalize after Luis Suarez smashed from the second post, but the ball flew into the net like unfortunate The first half is over, Granada is 1-2 behind Real Madrid.

Second half, walking time to 57 minutes, Karim Benzema dragged the ball up front, stabbed through the gap between the defending line, the defender left Luka Modric, slapped away from the Granada goalkeeper in the middle of the distance 6 yards Vinicius Juniors waited to open the door, the White King left 3-1

Granada two rebounds in the 68th minute. Monjou, the host’s midfield, chased after Vinicius Juniors before playing forcefully into the Madrid spearhead. The black shirt raised a red card immediately after leaving the field. Two minutes later, the big boss Roberto Moreno was dismissed from standing at the bench for another.

Two minutes later, Ferland Mendy slithered to the left, dropped the ball over Karim Benzema, heading from the right in the penalty area, Vinicius Juniors flicked in the middle of the ball, hitting Louie. Maximiliano is comfortable

The King went on to attack Enrique Casemiro to pass the ball in the middle of the field and it was Ferland Mendy who touched the ball and shot quickly in the penalty area. Tear away from the home goalkeeper, leading the visiting team to lead 4-1 in the 76th minute

Just one minute before the end of time, Jorge Molina found the rhythm to tackle the ball alone, but Thibolt Courtois floated his fingertips to save the best goal. End of the game, Real Madrid slammed Granada to the local area 4-1, winning three points, jumping up to the top of the crowd, pressing Real Sociedad with a late night kick-off queue.

List of players for both teams

Granada (4-4-2) : Luis Maximiliano – Guinea, Victor Diaz (Raul Torrent 58), Kerman Sanchez, Carlos Neba – Antonio Puerta (Angel Montoro, 46′), Monjou, Maxim Conalans (Isma Ruiz, 59), Luis Javier Suarez. – Alberto Zoro, Ruben Rocina (Jorge Molina 59)

Real Madrid (4-3-3) : Thibolt Courtois – Dani Carvajal, Nacho Fernandez, David Alaba (Jesus Vallejo 83), Ferland Mendy. – Luka Modric (Eduardo Gamavinka 80’s), Enrique Casemiro, Toni Kroos (Isco 80’s) – Marco Asensio, Ka Rim Benzema (Luka Jovic 80), Vinicius Juniors (Rodrigo, 72)

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