Real Madrid’s Toni Kroos Criticizes Transfer of Spanish Prospect to Saudi Arabia

Al-Ahli to sign promising Spanish player, Veigar

According to renowned transfer market expert, Italian reporter Fabrizio Romano, Al Ahli of Saudi Arabia is on the verge of signing Gabri Veigar, a highly talented 21-year-old midfielder from Celta Vigo. Romano’s announcement on social media included the firm phrase “HERE WE ARE”, indicating the imminent completion of the transfer.

However, this transfer has received criticism from an unexpected source, legendary Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos. Kroos took to social media, expressing his “embarrassment” towards Veigar’s decision to move to a lesser-known league like the Saudi Arabian one. It appears that Kroos regrets the young player’s choice to prioritize financial gain over the opportunity for fame and development.

Veigar has been closely watched by football fans during this summer transfer window. With his impressive technical abilities, control over the ball, and clinical finishing, he has caught the attention of top European clubs. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Manchester City had all expressed interest in acquiring Veigar’s services. Initially, it seemed that Napoli would secure his signature, with Romano predicting the deal on the 18th. However, to the surprise of many, Veigar made the sudden decision to join Al-Ahli, who reportedly offered a more enticing contract.

The footballing world has witnessed a trend this summer, as numerous established European players opt to continue their careers in Saudi Arabia. However, most of these players are past their prime. Veigar’s move is unique as he is still a young player with immense potential. At the age of 21, he has prioritized financial gain over the pursuit of fame at a European club.

Toni Kroos’ regretful reaction to Veigar’s transfer is noteworthy. Despite having no personal connection to the young talent, Kroos expressed remorse for the missed opportunity to witness Veigar’s growth at a top European club, implying his belief in Veigar’s bright future.

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[스포티비뉴스=장하준 기자] He criticized the transfer of ‘Spanish prospects’ to Saudi Arabia.

Italian reporter Fabrizio Romano, who is familiar with the transfer market, reported on the 24th (Korea time), “The transfer of Gabri Beiga (21, Celta Vigo) to Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia) is imminent.” Also included was “HERE WE ARE”, the representative phrase used when the transfer was confirmed.

However, Real Madrid legend Toni Kroos made an ‘amazing appearance’. And reporter Romano said “I’m ashamed” to the post posted on the social network service (SNS). He seems to have expressed regret about the talented young player’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

Veigar has been one of La Liga’s most talked about midfielders this summer. As a native of Spain, he has excellent basic skills and is good at releasing pressure. Also, the movement to receive the ball is compliant and the shooting is excellent. He also has a knack for producing attacking points. Last season, he scored 11 goals and provided 4 assists in 40 appearances in all competitions.

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Naturally, the big clubs were interested. Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool, including Manchester City, have considered signing Bay. However, the final destination was Naples. The reporter Romano also announced on the 18th that Veigar’s trip to Naples was imminent.

However, he suddenly chose to transfer to Al-Ahli. Al-Ahli are said to have offered a better contract than Napoli. Veigar’s transfer to Napoli ended up collapsing overnight.

Football fans could not hide their shock. This summer, the big European players have chosen to move to Saudi Arabia one after the other. But most of them were players past their prime. Veigar, on the other hand, chose money over fame at just 21 years old.

Cross expressed unusual remorse. Kroos expressed his regret that a young player with a bright future chose Don, even though he had no particular connection with Veigar.

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