Real Road Test Consumer Reports Reveals Top 10 Tire Brands 2022!

The quality of the tires has a significant impact on the driving experience The well-known American vehicle evaluation agency “Consumer Reports” has conducted actual road test ratings for 32 tire brands and more than 170 different tire models through massive tire test data. average scores and ranking.

To evaluate the quality of the tires, Consumer Reports will test the braking ability on ice at a skating rink, the effect of actual road tests on fuel consumption, drive thousands of miles to test durability, calculate the cost of tires per 100 miles, and score Ma then also comfort, handling, drainage, tire noise etc.

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Consumer Reports Top 10 Tire Brands

1. Michelin: 69 points

2. Vredestein: 68 points

3. Continental Horse: 67 points

4. Goodyear: 67 points

5. General General: 65 points

6. Nexen: 64 points

7. Yokohama: 64 points

8. Pirelli: 64 points

9. Bridgestone: 64 points

10. Falcon flying falcon: 62 points

In addition, “Consumer Reports” also provides a detailed introduction to the three best tire brands, and selects which tires are the most recommended by the brand:


The first Michelin has a very high rating in almost all types of tires.

Almost all types of tires under the brand are tested at the highest level, and most tires have good grip, handling and long-term wear, especially the CrossClimate + all-weather tires are recommended in great by Consumer Reports, and the performance of Pilot Sport 4s tires It also provides excellent grip and handling.

Recommended tyres: CrossClimate+, Pilot Sport 4s, Pilot Sport A/S 3+, Defender T+H.


Dutch-based Wisden Tire, also a century-old tire brand, is now focusing on the North American market.

Vredestein from the Netherlands is one of the oldest tire brands for more than a century. Its tires for pickup trucks and SUVs have received high scores. In addition, ultra-high performance tires also have excellent performance, in terms of durability and braking performance. All received good reviews.

Recommended tires: HiTrac, Quatrac Pro.

Continental Horse

Continental’s test results are excellent, especially when it comes to performance tires.

The test results of its tires are quite good, especially the recently tested ExtremeContact Sport, which is second among all tires, only slightly inferior to Michelin’s Pilot Sport 4s, but the price of ExtremeContact Sport is lower.

Recommended tires: ExtremeContact Sport, PureContact LS.

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