“real.Three Kingdoms Warriors 8 Empires” system and deconstruction of siege content

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

The “True. “Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires” (Dynasty Warriors 9 Empires) is based on the original “Warriors 8”, with internal affairs and siege gameplay similar to the “Three Kingdoms” series. It is a heterochromatic work of the “Warriors” series. The siege in this episode has changed a lot, and the process and difficulty are higher than before. For Wushuang fans who are accustomed to the mowing-style gameplay, they may be a little uncomfortable. The following will give you a brief explanation.

Revisit “True.Three Kingdoms Warriors 8” basic combat system

Maybe there are series supporters who have never been in contact with “Wu Shuang 8”, here is an explanation of the combat operations of the eighth episode. Unlike the previous work and “Orochi Warriors”, “Wushuang 8″ has added many changes in operation, although it is basically a light attack as the starting point (this is called a water attack, the PS version button: ▢), but according to ” The state of the “recent enemy” (whether it is in the air/whether it is in a state of breathlessness/whether it has been knocked down, etc.), using a light attack will change the subsequent combo skills instead of making a fixed action.

In addition, the “basic combo” of several light attacks plus one heavy attack in the previous “Wu Shuang” series (this is called reaction attack, PS version key: △) is no longer necessary, in exchange for pressing R1 (Xbox : RB) plus designated buttons (▢, △, X) to launch three options such as “faint”, “flight” and “falling down” (this is called a trigger attack), once successful, you can continue to light attack Cut blood. In addition, R1 plus the O (Xbox: B) key can activate the weapon’s “special skills”, increasing the change and power of combo moves. It should be noted that R1’s “Air”, “Qi Jue” and “Knockdown” can be activated by long pressing the gas storage. If the gas is full, it will have a “breaking defense” effect, making the enemy in defense unable to resist; “Special If the skill is activated on the ground, it has the “Cancel” effect, that is, the character can immediately change its posture and activate it regardless of any action. Unfortunately, there is an interval of 30 seconds after the “Special Skill” is activated and cannot be used continuously.

According to the weapon you are good at, you can launch a “unique attack” in a specific combo. Since dozens of weapons have their own characteristics, I won’t go into details here. You can explore on your own. Simply put, press the ▢ key to double-click, and then press R1 and the designated key to activate the “special skills”, “stun”, and ” “Fly into the air” or “fall down”, etc., and then be equipped with light or heavy attacks, and even unparalleled skills in order to further cause more damage to the target.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

According to the attributes of the jade weapon equipped by the generals, the water attack (light attack) after using the trigger attack (L1 plus button) will also have the same attributes, such as fire, ice, thunder, poison, etc.

This work focuses on “marrying and having children” and cultivating the next generation of talents

In the past, the weekly gameplay of the Wushuang Empires series used the achievement points obtained after the game to unlock various hidden items to change and improve the game settings for the second week. “WARRIORS 8 Empires” cancels this system. The game settings for multiple weeks are basically the same, but the “secret” cards, gems, gems, and items such as bows and arrows obtained in the previous week will also be automatically inherited into the new game. In addition, this work has also added a “child-bearing system” to add new fun to players who use original military generals.

If the player reaches the highest level “S” in intimacy with another soldier of the opposite sex before successfully breaking the level (occupying all areas to unify the world), and then successfully confessing and marrying, the game will automatically operate for the player after the level is broken. Next generation. This next-generation military commander is the same as the “original military commander”. His appearance is randomly selected from his parents’ characteristics, and his parents’ weapon suitability is obtained. The gender of the next generation of generals can only be changed when they are born. Once the title is returned and the game is played again, the gender of the generals cannot be changed. However, in addition to gender, the appearance characteristics, names, and movements of the next generation of generals can be changed again later.

In addition, if you want to create an original military commander with full weapon high adaptability, you need to repeat about five to six weeks (different children can appear at the same time, as long as they are of the opposite sex, they can get married and have children), by constantly marrying and The next generation is born to become a “perfect general.” At the beginning, all generals only have weapons of level one to three. You must use this type of weapon and successfully attack the city to increase the level, up to a five-star level. As long as the cycle of childbirth and childrearing is repeated for multiple weeks, a military commander with all weapons and the highest adaptability will eventually be born. The higher the suitability of the weapon, the additional bonus to the attack power of the weapon.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

First, find a suitable person of the opposite sex, and then continue to communicate to improve the friendship to the full, then you can confess and get married. As for childbirth, it will not be implemented until the world is unified.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

This is Xiao Qiao’s own son (Khan).

Increase the friendship between the generals to get “gifts”

Players can freely choose various actions each month, such as internal affairs, diplomacy or military affairs, among which the “walking” is worth mentioning. After performing the “walk”, players can walk around on the big map and communicate with various generals to improve their friendship. If the general is “in the wild” (has not joined any forces), he can be recommended when the friendliness is raised to a certain level and let him join us. In addition, when the friendship with the generals reaches a certain level (above Grade B), an exclamation mark “!” appears next to his name in the exchange list, or if “something seems to want to see you very much” appears in the game At this time, if you choose to talk to him at this time, you will have the opportunity to receive gifts from him, including secret counter cards, orbs, or horses. If the opponent is Lu Bu or Guan Yu, there is a better chance of getting “Red Tuma” (but the chance is still very small). Chituma is still powerful and fast in this work, and it is obviously helpful in siege battles.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

The role of righteous knot Jinlan (being righteous brothers/righteous brothers and sisters) is the same as getting married. The probability of giving gifts is higher, and if the player decides to rebel or go to the wild, they will follow along together.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

Lu Bu would not necessarily give Chitu, everything is a fate, it depends on chance.

Continuously load the archive and brush out the strongest “secret” card

The “Secret Counter” card system that was also used in “Wushuang Empires” in the past also appears in this game. It can be activated by pressing L1 (Xbox: LB) and then pressing the cross direction key during battle. The secret count is divided into grades and distinguished by color, with white being the lowest and yellow being the highest. There are many ways to obtain secret tricks, including automatically obtaining a specific title, obtaining a gift after communicating with a general, and obtaining it after successfully occupying an enemy city. Note that the higher the title of the swordsman’s equipment (yellow), the higher the chance of getting a yellow secret card after siege; in addition, increasing the difficulty of the game (such as Shura, etc.) will also increase the chance of obtaining a high-level secret card Rate.

In addition to the quality of the secret card, there is also a “star” to represent its power. When the player obtains the same secret card, the card will automatically “break the limit” to increase the star rating, the lowest is one star, and the highest is five stars. This game has a secret trick. If the player gets a card from another general during the “walking” communication, if the player saves before performing this action, after the card is obtained, reload the archive, communicate again and get the card, repeat the above Steps can increase the star rating of the card until it reaches five stars. The reason for this “secret” seems to be that the card storage data is separated from the game save, so even if the player reloads the game, the obtained cards will still remain on the character.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

The secret card is shared throughout the game. Even if you change the role and play the game again, the cards, gems and gems you have obtained will still remain on the new character.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

The five-star card is shown as a “large star”. If you get the same card after that, it will automatically be converted to 400 gold.

Additional enhancement of generals’ abilities: “Treasure Jade” and “Treasure Jade” system

In addition to the ranks and secrets of the generals, players can also use the “Treasure Jade” system to enhance the strength of the generals. “Treasure Jade” is a special equipment used to carry “Treasure Jade”. The two are also graded and distinguished by color. They are the same as titles and secrets. White is the lowest and yellow is the highest. The more advanced gems can be inlaid with more gems, up to five pieces. Yellow gems are relatively easy to obtain, and you can get a few after you pass the level. The first-level yellow “gems” are more difficult. Players need to challenge more difficult game modes and have a chance to obtain them after successfully occupying the city. There are many kinds of jewels, most of which are to improve the abilities of generals, the power of designated attacking moves, or the range of attacks; certain yellow jewels can also increase the “penetration rate” of the bow and arrow, or prevent the character from being bowed by the enemy. Special effects that interrupt your actions, etc.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

Note that the level of gemstones will limit the number of gemstones that can be equipped. A yellow gemstone can be equipped with up to five gemstones.

The strategy flow of a siege or defensive war

The battle in this game is divided into two types: “siege war” and “defense war”. Compared with the original version of “Wushuang 8”, the battle in this game is more complicated. In high-difficulty situations, one careless one might make me Fang fell into an irreversible defeat. The following is the general battle flow:

  1. After the battle begins, complete our secret plan and prevent the enemy’s secret plan (pay attention to the time limit).

  2. The enemy will use an ambush force to raid our base camp. It is recommended to return to the camp as soon as possible to clean it up. Once the base camp is captured, it will be considered a loss.

  3. In addition to the enemy base camp, there are “ordinary strongholds” and “weapon strongholds” that can be occupied by both sides. The former can produce archers, and the latter can produce siege weapons such as well orchids, trebuchets, or assault vehicles.

  4. Occupy the weapon stronghold first, then the ordinary stronghold.

  5. The trebuchet and our archers will shoot long-rangely at the “pavilion” on the enemy city wall. Once the enemy at that position is completely wiped out, it will be considered as a successful occupation; if all the “pavilion” strongholds are occupied, the player can use the “hook rope” on the city wall Go over the wall and enter, then you can break the gate latch from the inside.

  6. Whether it’s breaking through the city gate through a rushing car, or using a hook and rope to climb over the city wall to enter the interior, as long as the city gate is opened, it will automatically enter the “decisive battle” round, at which time the enemy general will appear.

  7. The enemy generals who were knocked down but not captured appeared beside the general at the same time.

  8. Victory was achieved after knocking down the enemy general.

Since the battle must be completed by knocking down the enemy general in the “decisive battle” round, each battle needs to go through the above steps instead of heading straight to the enemy’s base camp. The way to speed up the battle is to open the city gates as soon as possible, including occupying the weapon strongholds, protecting the Jinglan and rushing to the enemy city walls, etc., so as to trigger the “decisive battle” in the shortest time. If the enemy’s military strength is not zero, even if the enemy generals are defeated, as long as there are surplus soldiers, they will continue to regenerate until we successfully capture him (after defeating the enemy generals, there is a certain chance to capture him) or let the enemy The troop strength dropped to zero.

In addition, I personally recommend that you only aim at the area where the enemy monarch is located when you are attacking the territory. Once you successfully capture the enemy monarch, whether it is to recruit or execute him, the remaining territory of the opponent will have a high chance to automatically join us. , Disguised to reduce the overall game strategy time.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

If historical events are triggered (such as the Anti-Dong Zhang Alliance, the Battle of Guandu, the Battle of Chibi, etc.), the military secret plan will be fixed as a specific action.

Dynastry Warriors 9 Empires

All battles are to enter the “decisive battle” round as soon as possible, and then defeat the enemy generals even if they are victorious.


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