“Real-time map updating with autonomous driving precision in 2030″… Launch of Digital Map Forum

▲ Precise changes in the map update system ⓒ Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport

The ‘Autonomous Driving Digital Map Forum’ was launched on the 20th to increase the precise construction and use of maps while the government promotes level 4 commercialization (a stage that does not require driver intervention even in a specific emergency situation ) in 2027. .
The forum is a forum in which a total of 52 industries, universities, research institutions, and governments involved in electronic guidance and autonomous driving technology participate, and consists of three cooperative divisions: system, technology and business.
The forum holds a general meeting every six months and a sub-meeting every quarter. In each sub-committee, there will be discussions on road change information, data collection, management, and distribution, quick map updating using business vehicles, and business models.
If the map update cycle is shortened precisely through the forum, it is expected to contribute greatly to improving the safety of autonomous vehicles and shortening the introduction period. It is also expected that the cost of duplicating public and private input will be reduced.
Currently, the government and private companies are investing separate manpower and equipment to collect information about changing roads.
The government plans to reduce the map update cycle to less than a month next year with the precision currently done annually, and build a system that updates in real time in 2030.

Park Ji-hong, Minister of Automotive Policy at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport said, “Since it takes a lot of time and money to update and manage maps precisely, it is important that related organizations make efforts on the co. “He said.

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