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In “Summary of VR game news you care about”, we will deliver new works, update information, etc. that you are interested in from the VR game related news reported within a week. This time, the related news from June 12th to June 18th is targeted.

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1. VR fishing game “Real VR Fishing” DLC purchaser target map addition update every other week
2. Time has come …? VRFPS “COMPOUND” “second time” product version update announcement
3. Announcement of the opening beta of the new VR FPS “Vail VR” that gives you a sense of reality
4. VR Military-FPS “ALVO” PSVR 2 version will be released
5. VR Rhythm Shooter- “Pistol Whip” Free app delivery to add multiple new elements

VR fishing game “Real VR Fishing” DLC purchaser target map addition update every other week

A free update for purchasers of the paid download content “US West” (* Western US DLC) of the VR fishing game “Real VR Fishing” is being distributed from June 10th. Applying this update will add two new maps.

In addition, this update will be carried out every other week until August 5, and most recently, two maps, “LAKE POWELL” and “WILD HORSE”, will be added on June 23.

Information on subsequent additional maps“Real VR Fishing” Official TwitterIt seems that it will be announced at any time. If you want to know the outline of the additional map in advance, please refer to it.

“Real VR Fishing” is a VR fishing game where you can enjoy fishing while relaxing against the backdrop of beautiful natural scenery. It was released as a title for Oculus Go in 2019, and since then, Oculus Quest (Quest 2) and Oculus Rift (Rift S) versions have also been released.

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(Reference) Press release,“Real VR Fishing” Official Twitter、Meta Quest Store(Developer Post)

The time has come …? VRFPS “COMPOUND” “second time” product version update announcement

From 2018, developer Bevan McKechnie announced that a commercial version update of the VR action shooting game “COMPOUND” whose early access version is on sale on Steam will be implemented soon.
The exact date of implementation has not been disclosed at the time of this writing, but the Steam community has posted an article announcing the upcoming delivery.

In the update of the product version, additional weapons that will be lifted after clearing the main part, branching elements of the ending will be newly implemented. In addition, the operability of the weapon has been renewed, and it will be possible to load ammunition and perform grip attacks during close combat more comfortably.
In addition, the rendering system has been redesigned around the graphics, and it seems that high-resolution rendering that does not impose a load on performance is possible.

“COMPOUND” is a VR FPS featuring old-fashioned graphics and tempo, influenced by early FPS works such as “DOOM” and “Wolfenstein”. A roguelike element that changes the structure of the map and the placement of enemies each time you play is also introduced.

Regarding the implementation of the product version updateIn November 2021, it was announced that “time is approaching.”As a result, it was not implemented at that time, but since detailed information has been revealed this time, it seems highly likely that it will be realized.

(Reference) Steam community, UploadVR

Announcing the implementation of the new VR FPS “Vail VR” open beta that gives you a sense of reality

It has been announced that the open beta test of the new VR game “Vail VR” scheduled to be released on Steam will be carried out. It is said that it will start on July 2, Japan time.

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“Vail VR” is an online-only multiplayer-specialized VR FPS that depicts the conflict between two powers over the heritage left on the desolate earth. The biggest feature is that it uses full body animation technology, and you can enjoy shooting battles with movements close to the actual body without using additional tracking equipment.

In addition, experts in existing competition scenes cooperate in the development. In terms of tactics and movement within the arena, you can experience the realism of reality.
moreover“Chess” and “Hockey” are also available as mini games.You can enjoy playing against other players as well as the main story.

At the time of writing this article, Alpha Testers are also being recruited on the official website and Steam store page. Compatible headsets are Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality.

(reference)“Vail VR” Official Twitter、Steam

VR military FPS “ALVO” PSVR 2 version will be released

The PlayStation VR2 (PSVR2) version of the VR military FPS “ALVO” (ALVO VR) on sale for PlayStation VR (PSVR) and Meta Quest 2 has been announced.
The release date is undecided at the time of writing this article. Development Mardonpol has only commented that it will be released in response to inquiries from the US media UploadVR, and it is not clear whether a free upgrade service will be offered to the owners of the original PSVR version.

“ALVO” is an online-only VR military FPS that allows up to 10 players to participate. Under three different rules, we will engage in a fierce shooting battle with the opponent player.
The PSVR version will be released in Japan in January 2022. The Quest 2 version is on sale at the Meta Quest Store from March, two months later.

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In addition, regular updates have been developed even after the release, and recently, a cooperative multiplayer mode “Zombie Mode” has been added, in which a team of multiple people is formed to devote themselves to fighting a horde of zombies.

(Reference) UploadVR

VR Rhythm Shooter- “Pistol Whip” Free app delivery to add multiple new elements

A free update that introduces multiple additional elements to the VR rhythm shooter “Pistol Whip” on sale on Steam, Meta Quest Store, etc. is now available for all platforms.

This update adds “Daily,” “Weekly,” and “Monthly” limited-time missions, three extensions, and four melee weapons.

The extended functions are to increase or decrease the bullet speed of the enemy and to strengthen the durability of the player. By setting each, you will be able to enjoy more thrilling and sometimes brute force development.Additional weapons“Tonfa”, “Chakram”It is a unique set that sets it apart from the theme of the game, and is ideal when you want to enjoy a different “pistol whip”.

In addition to these, minor updates such as enemy animation changes, interface improvements, and bug fixes are also being implemented in parallel. See the patch notes on the Steam community, Meta Quest Store (Developer Post) for more information.

(Reference) UploadVR, Steam community, Meta Quest Store (Developer Post)


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