really extraordinary… Momoland members opened their mouths when they revealed their bikinis (+Photo)

Ain, a member of the group Momoland, showed off her unconventional bikini figure and drew attention.

Below is Momoland Ain’s Instagram

Ain posted two photos on his Instagram on the 2nd with the caption, “Wake up in Miami was like dreaming”.

The published photo shows Ain posing on the beach in a colorful bikini.

On this day, he caught the eye by boasting model-like proportions with a slim waist line and a small face with an elongated stature.

He also caught attention by showing off his unique back and emphasizing the firm apple hips.

Then, with a long pink wavy hairstyle and clear features, she completed a doll-like visual, drawing admiration.

SNS users who saw the photo responded, “Sexy”, “So pretty”, “So hot and beautiful”, “Oh my god”, “I really like your body”, “I love you”, “You look like a doll”, etc. .

Ain, who debuted with Momoland in 2016, has been loved by various hit songs such as ‘Bboom Bboom’, ‘BAAM’, and ‘Banana Cha Cha’.

Recently, on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of their debut, they drew attention by revealing a photo they took together with the members.



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