Really good for your health?… 6 foods that are actually bad

Low fat ice cream, fruit flavored jelly, etc.

Eating raw fruit is much better for your health than fruit flavored jelly. [사진=게티이미지뱅크]

Not fat, no calories, full of vitamins, baked, not fried … . There are all kinds of phrases that promote food that is good for the body. But when you dig deeper, many of the seemingly healthy foods actually aren’t. Presented by the American health and medical media ‘Prevention’, we have arranged foods that are not good for health if you know them.

△ Fat-free dressing

Fat-free dressings may contain no fat but are loaded with sugar. Also, if there is no fat in the dressing, it is difficult to absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K from salad greens during digestion. This is why you need the right amount of fat to get your nutrients. Therefore, it is a real health food that is best eaten with olive oil, vinegar, or herbs rather than a low-fat dressing.

△Fruit Flavored Jelly

Colorful fruit flavored jellies contain some fruit juice, but are not as healthy as vitamin candies because they are made from sugary corn syrup. Therefore, dry fruits or raw fruits that are rich in dietary fiber are better than fruit flavored jellies. Raw fruit is rich in immune-boosting nutrients that can never be replicated by snacks with just the flavor of fruit added.

△ low fat ice cream

Low-fat ice cream may be lower in calories than regular ice cream, but many products are not. If you read the food label carefully, there are low-fat ice creams that have more calories than regular ice cream, approaching 220 calories per half cup. In addition, low-fat ice cream does not taste greasy, so there is a high possibility that you will not be satisfied and eat more.

△ Vitamin water

Vitamin water should not be taken lightly. There are products that contain up to 200 calories per bottle. If you drink one bottle every day, you gain 9kg in a year. It is important to read food labels carefully and choose zero calorie drinks.

△ Low fat cookies

Even dieters are less reluctant to eat low-fat cookies. However, the problem with some low-fat cookies is that they contain a lot of salt, which is just as bad as fat. From a health perspective, it is best to eat snacks made from whole grains such as oatmeal rather than containing fat. The dietary fiber in oatmeal has the effect of preventing the absorption of bad cholesterol.