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realme Pad breaks the record for the highest tablet sales in 24 hours with sales 400 units since the first day it opened for sale

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Because working and studying online have become commonplace in this era. Make the purchase of a tablet to use. The more you have to choose the most suitable and worthwhile, realme has perfectly filled the needs in this section. and shortly after its launch on October 18 Recently, it has received a good response from realme fans. Able to break the record for highest sales in 24 hours with sales 400 units since the first day of sale on the day Last October 19th from the Shopee channel counted as a new success for the first tablet from realme.

and from this success make it not surprising that really will become the number 6 smartphone brand in the world and today the brand realme doesn’t stop at just smartphones, but has just launched a product. AIoT hit the market in a rush and one of the highlighted products is an important step in the creation. realme AIoT Ecosystem is realme Pad The brand’s first tablet with the slogan Ultra Slim. Real Fun!

With the Covid situation, many people have to change to work and meet online. Students must also study online. causing the demand for more IT equipment at an exponential rate realme therefore relying on this rhythm in the presentation really Pad to meet market demands that holds many outstanding features hope to please the new generation both school and working age

Slim, sleek and stylish design

because he realizes that Holding the device also greatly affects the user experience, causing realme to pay attention to every detail of production by designing the realme Pad. Only 6.9 mm thin and weighs only 440 grams, it’s comfortable to hold in your hand and won’t get tired if you have to carry it for a long time. The body is made of aluminum alloy and uses advanced manufacturing technology. with turning system CNC, the same type used to cut diamonds. Combines anodizing and sandblasting finishes. resulting in a beautiful metallic back cover Provides a premium touch It can be said that you can carry it out and use it in a cool way. It looks beautiful, luxurious, and super classy.

big screen Open the online world to the fullest.

realme Pad is full of high quality screens as large as 10.4 inches WUXGA +. Resolution 2000×1200 Pixels deliver sharper, more colorful images. And there are also different usage modes to give us the best screen experience. The interesting mode is Reading Mode, which adjusts the screen to have a color similar to the real paper. makes us read documents for a long time without eye strain Content that likes to watch movies or read e-books Extreme before bed

The sound system is equally excellent because of the realme Pad. Provides up to 4 premium speakers with Dolby Atmos sound technology to guarantee sound quality. Hi-Res that delivers crystal clear sound and also supports Adaptive Surround Sound, adding surround sound effects to be loud and satisfying. Speaking at this point, it is known that this tablet responds to both the entertainment line who likes to consume movie content, music, cartoons and e-books. to the professional line of work that requires great all-day work.

The wide-angle front camera is satisfying.

realme Pad Developed mainly for meetings and online learning. so install the front camera Ultra-wide with a resolution of up to 8 million pixels with a wide viewing angle of 105 degrees! Sure, you’ll look better in online meetings. Without having to place the tablet further away, children studying online can move around without fear of being invisible to the teacher. Because the wide-angle camera can store all the space on the side Called as another feature that many people like very much.

There is also a dual mic with noise cancellation. Noise Cancellation makes noise even around you such as engine noise. air conditioner Or people in the house talking at a distance can effectively reduce those noises. Makes video calling communication smoother and clearer.

Smooth gaming-grade CPU Ready to handle all types of applications

With the octa-core Helio G80 CPU and Mali G52 graphics card that is a gaming chipset, realme Pad supports the processing of various applications smoothly and provides a more stable frame rate. both in playing games and viewing all kinds of content

Huge battery Continuous use without interruption

Of course, with a large, high-quality screen loud sound system and processing a CPU that is faster than this price May cause many people to worry that they will definitely eat the battery, but the realme Pad gives the battery up to 7,100 mAh, which is enough to use all day. In performance tests, it was found that it can be used to watch continuous video for more than 12 hours and if set to mode Standby will last up to 65 days!

and where the battery capacity is this large realme therefore puts the OTG feature so that realme Pad can act as a Power Bank to charge your smartphone as well. It’s called very versatile.

For anyone who wants to own a realme Pad, presented together in 2 colors, both Real Gray and Real Gold, with a special promotion FLASH SALE for realme Pad 4 + 64GB, only 6,990 baht from normal 8,990 baht*, only on the Shopee channel since Today until October 23, 2021, click now! https://bit.ly/3BhyB32

There are also two capacities to choose from:

· realme Pad 6 + 128GB Wi-Fi, price 10,990 baht: https://bit.ly/3FfoqhQ

· realme Pad 6 + 128GB LTE, price 11,990 baht: https://bit.ly/3a4Q3fa

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