Realtek was sued by Supermicro to have relatively limited impact on foreign valuation | Anue Juheng-Taiwan Stock News

A report issued by a foreign capital pointed out that Realtek (2379-TW), a major IC design manufacturer, was sued by AMD-US for infringing its graphics computing patent, and it is still in the unregistered stage. In addition, TV SoCs account for a small proportion of Realtek’s overall revenue. , the impact is limited and maintains a neutral rating on Realtek.

The foreign capital stated that, after receiving inquiries from investors recently, Super Micro filed a lawsuit against panel manufacturers TCL (01070-HK) and Realtek (2379-TW). The USITC is currently listing the case as a Pending Institution.

Foreign investors believe that the potential impact of the lawsuit on Realtek’s business is limited, mainly because Realtek has benefited from the strong growth of other businesses. It is expected that the proportion of TV SoC’s revenue this year is only 9%, which is lower than the 13% of the previous year. TV customers, TCL is not the biggest one.

Realtek did not comment on this, nor did it make an announcement on the public observatory. According to the past, Realtek would not make an announcement until the court filed an investigation. For example, on January 28 this year, Realtek announced on the public observatory that USITC had made a decision. Filed a case against Future Link Systems suing the company for infringing its patent rights.

Regarding investment proposals, foreign investors hold a neutral view on Realtek, mainly due to factors such as weak demand for consumer PCs, China’s lockdown and global inflation, etc. It is expected that the revenue in the second half of this year will only increase by 2% compared with the first half of the year, and the whole year of next year will also only increase annually. 5%, and considering the decline in the price of consumer products, the increase in the payment of fabs, and the continuous increase in the salary of engineers, the gross profit margin and profit margin may also be under pressure.

As for why it is not listed in the rating, the foreign capital added that Realtek has achieved an increase in market share with the upgrade of Wi-Fi 6, and the diversification of its product portfolio has helped to stabilize its profit. In addition, its price-to-earnings ratio is only 10 times, the yield rate is 7%, which is about 9 times relative to the historical low of the historical price-earnings ratio, and the downside is limited.

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