Rebs Take 2 On Day 3 In Orlando, Top Minnesota National-Classed

Ole Miss extends before the game of the Graveyard against Minnesota that was nationally celebrated Saturday in Orlando. (Photo: OMA)

Ole Miss took part in his Saturday games at the Jaclyn Friends Competition in Orlando, Fla.

The rebels came from the west to defeat No. 21 Minnesota 3-1 in the first game of the day before George Mason ran 8-0 in the double Saturday morning cluster.

"It's definitely a great day for the program, and the best program is the best program and the area that is going on the whole area," said Rubin Felix, commander of Ole Miss. "We came back (against Minnesota) against a very good pitcher, so it was a great win for us. The second game (George Mason), who was guilty of going guilty and getting some of the big beaters That was going, that was good. The disaster is infectious and rubbing it, so it was a great day. "

Enjoy Ole Miss to 3-1 and scheduled to face Ohio State on Sunday at 8:30 a.m. CT. In a relay game the Toys fell 4-2 on Friday. There is no TV broadcast or a scheduled Internet for the game.

Anna Borgen (Photo: OMA)

Ole Miss broke out of the back-to-back gates, the house runs out of Abby Latham and British Finney's wing wings in Orlando on Saturday, in a way to reduce the 8-0 George Mason on the third day of Jaclyn Tournament Friends .

Enjoy the rebels, who hit No. 21 Minnesota earlier, to 3-1 on the young season.

Anna Borgen continued with a strong stretch that started the rebels, allowing one hit and no walks over four detached indexes. Borgen hit (1-0) out five.

Savannah Diederich went out of the first fifth competence in Ole Miss's debut to close the abbreviated game of compassion rule. Combined with Borgen and Diederich to limit George Mason to one hit on the day.

(Photo: OMA)

Following the 4-0 lead to the first time, the Toys put two-thirds in her and ran in each of the four frames and the fourth frames. Center of Kylan Becker Center (2-out-3, double), Latham's leftbender (3-of-3, 1 HR, 3 RBI) and Finney named player (2-for-3, 1 HR, 1 RBI ) Led 12-Ole Miss Ole Attack.

Ole Miss delivered the fresh-haired Taylor Watford, in the role of pinch-hitter, to the game cut off, at the end of the game at the bottom of the fifth when she debated to the right field scoring the Harold Gillespie catcher.

Marina Vitalich (0-1) took the loss in the circle for George Mason.

(Photo: 247Sports)

The junior winner Molly Jacobsen was on money Ole Miss, as the Toys No. 21 Minnesota 3-1 Saturday early in the morning in Orlando.

The junior, junior college transfer across the Minnesota line went to its way to a seven-day full game. Jacobsen allowed (1-0) four times, one run on and did not walk as she wore only 108 parks (79 for strikes). She hit eight Golden Gophers, including the three final winners she had at the top of the seventh.

Minnesota came in touch with Jacobsen for his single run in the fourth quarter's top when the first Brand Brander baseman broke off with a scoring off with a single home run across the left play fence. However, the Toys attended immediate response to the promotion of three-quarter third-run third-quarter run and all Jacobsen's needs.

Before the homer, Jacobsen 11 Golden Gophers rescued each other after giving up any lead in the first time.

Ole Miss started a fourth run when Kylan Becker placed the central park off the inn with a baseball through the left side of the infield. Becker took the second and came around to score one up the middle of the wing of Kaylee Horton. Hateon's runner-up Tate Whitley and pinch the first to score an error at the first Minnesota baseman.

Ole Miss fought at the plate, managing only three times. Becker and Horton singles were available, leaving Aber Latham a farmer left double. The three hits came back back in the fourth inn through a run.

Amber Fiser (1-1) went the distance in the circle for Minnesota (2-1).

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