‘Recent Olympics’ Go Myung-hwan “I almost died in a car accident… Currently, CEO with annual sales of 1 billion”

Go Myeong-hwan, a former comedian in MBC recruitment, reported on his recent events, such as a car accident and business.

On the 24th, on the YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympiad’, a video titled ‘MBC comedian in a major traffic accident, buckwheat noodles hit the jackpot’ was posted.

Comedian and actor Go Myung-hwan appeared in the released video. He said, “Until recently, I was in the bath map.

I signed a contract for two books and wrote them on Yokohama. I am writing one book for small business owners and one book related to reading.”

Go Myeong-hwan and Moon Cheon-sik performed the ‘Warryongbongchu’ corner in combination and gained popularity. He said, “I did a lot of programming in the past. The days of ‘Warryongbongchu’ was a dark time for MBC. At that time, three MBC reporters came to me and said, ‘I think it’s going to be a big hit, so I’ll do an interview in advance’,” he said.

He said, “I drove 200km a day, traveling around the country at night. I saved a lot of money at the time.”

In addition, Go Myung-hwan said, “As a comedian, I took an auction recruitment test and joined the marketing team. I thought, ‘I want to try an auction,’ and ‘StarCraft’ was popular among middle and high school students and college students in Korea. I sold my rights to an auction.” He said, “There was an article saying, ‘Auction selling even intangible things.’ The president of the auction ran up and kissed me on the cheek and said, ‘You don’t know what a big job you’ve done. You’ve pioneered a market.’ He did,” he said, surprising.

Go Myeong-hwan said, “I was filming a drama called ‘Sea God’ around 2005. That was the turning point of my life. The manager had a car accident. There was a broken truck with a broken tail light 2-3 meters in front. said.

He said, “Of course I was wearing a seat belt, but when the chair went all the way back under the truck, the carnival was all crushed. The ceiling of the car was torn and it was like a knife, but it went exactly 0.2 to 0.3 cm into my chin and got stuck. 119 came. They said they wouldn’t be able to take the patient out without a crane. But there was a crane that passed by so thankfully. He tied a chain and pulled the iron out.”

He continued, “I had brain hemorrhage, broken bones, and bleeding in my heart. The doctor said, ‘I can die in two days from now. Make a will and take care of yourself.’ From then on, I completely changed the direction of my life. I thought I had to stop broadcasting and went to graduate school (to do what I wanted to do),” he added.

After that, he said, “It was introduced that the annual sales were 1 billion won, but I made a lot more than that.” He said, “I had about 1,200 books in my study, and I wanted to set up a business as the books told me. That’s how I started a soba shop. ” he confessed.

Meanwhile, Go Myeong-hwan married actress Lim Ji-eun, who is a year older than her in 2014. He said, “I’m giving a lecture. I like being called a lecturer the most. I’m a person on stage and I’m satisfied because it’s a job that combines everything I do.” greeted

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photo| YouTube ‘Recent Olympics’ video capture

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